Gear Up Your Activities Session with Best Activewear


We all know that we need to take out time for physical activities to fight back the sedentary lifestyle. It does not only mean going to the gym to lose extra calories by indulging in any fun activity that holds your interest. For some, cycling would be their fun exercise, and for others, it could be swimming, trekking, dancing, and more. As we know, every sport needs a different setting and equipment; likewise, it also demands a specific outfit socially designed for that activity. In this blog, we have listed activewear and the tips that will make it useful while picking one for you. 

How to Pick Your Activewear for Your Sports of Interest?

You can pick the outfit that is perfect for you. For this, you need to know how to pick your activewear. 

  • If your cloth’s fabric does not evaporate sweat, it will be sticky to your body and eventually add to your body temperature. So buy breathable cotton fabric. 
  •  Activewear should be the right fit. If you buy loose clothes, it might become a hurdle in your activity, and too tight an outfit would be itchy. 
  • Don’t compromise on the quality of the clothes you are purchasing rather it is advised that you go after the comfort.   

Know the Best Activewear for Sports Yoga and Dance

  • Cycling

Cycling is a great sports activity that is enough to keep you fit. It increases muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility, and decreases body fat. If you are passionate about cycling, you need to focus on cycling tights, bike shorts, and cycling T-shirts or jerseys. The most active body part while riding a bicycle is our legs and thighs. As the inner thigh or adductors is most active, moving makes sure that you are wearing comfortable shorts or tights that prevent rashes. 

  • Gym Wear

If you are a gym freak and this holds your interest, you need to gear up for appropriate activewear. The gym is the powerhouse of many activities, and hence one set of gym wear is not enough for all the gyming sessions. Some days you can plan for a light workout or cardio, or heavy training. You can buy a wide waistband sports bra, easy movement track pants, comfortable leggings, comfortable jacket, and more. If you buy this product you will get up to 50% off

  • Zumba

Dancing is one of the best fun workout sessions, and Zumba has emerged as a very entertaining way to be active and be fit. For any dancing session, you can go for a comfortable outfit with peppy colors. Here you can choose to pick a loose outfit as well. You can buy Zumba breathable sweatpants, loose Zumba tops, and more. You can buy these from various clothing online marketplaces as well. 

  • Running 

It is said that 30 minutes of running can quickly burn 200-500 calories. So if running is the activity of your interest, then it is best to keep you fit. Be it outdoor running or treadmill running, you need to be geared up with the appropriate outfit, running shoes with comfortable inner soles, a breathable sweatshirt, or T-shirt. If you are a woman, go for a wide strap bra for extra comfortable running. You can buy such high-intensity bras and other activewear from online stores and brands. By using Zivame coupons, you can save more on every purchase.  

  • Yoga

To keep your body and mind calm, yoga works the best. If you are a yoga enthusiast, then go for the stretchable tights and comfortable t-shirt. This will help you do challenging yoga asanas and exercises. So when you go yoga shopping to pick the best yoga mat, then also care for the yoga outfit that is best fit for you.  

  • Swimming 

Swimming is a great exercise to keep you fit. It tones and strengthens the muscles along with maintaining the healthy functioning of the heart and lungs. When you are yet to decide your swimming outfit keep in mind a few important things like probable sun exposure, how long you will be in the water, etc. You can pick one-piece suits, crisscross straps, a top with a racerback, string bikini, or a single nylon top and shorts. Choose what suits you best and enjoy swimming under the sun. 


 In this age when a sedentary lifestyle is on the rise, being active is essential. It is not necessary that you only need to hit the gym to stay fit. If you like dancing, trekking, swimming, running, or anything else that involves physical movement, then this can also go ahead to be healthy. These activities are amazing, but you need to have a customized outfit that suits these activities for the best results. So here we have listed the outfits according to the activities you could be involved in. We hope this blog was interesting for you. 

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