GAMMA Jacket, an All-Climate Apparel Solution


When it comes to picking clothes to wear, we always have to check the weather. This makes planning for trips a bit more challenging, depending on where you’re travelling to. To maximize your time spent in the open, you’d typically need to pack clothes for any weather challenges. If you’re unprepared, you could end up with more than just soaked shirts and jeans.

Luckily, picking out clothes is easier now than ever in this age of online shopping and technological innovations. Modern clothing doesn’t just have to be for the single-season type of climate. Clothes like the impressive-looking GAMMA jacket are made to be worn for any occasion, exemplifying practicality.

The GAMMA jacket has graphene, an innovative material, infused into its nylon sheets to produce amazing results. Graphene is a one-atom-thick lattice of carbon, the same element that makes up diamonds. This incredibly thin sheet is surprisingly durable and resistant, allowing graphene to be used in various industrial sectors.

For the jacket, the thin layer of graphene serves as improved protection against the elements and wear and tear. Graphene’s impressive thermoregulatory properties allow it to distribute heat evenly around the jacket. Additionally, graphene can conduct body heat in colder weather, allowing the wearer to feel much warmer compared to wearing a traditional thin jacket.

If the heat-padding produced by the core body temperature isn’t enough, the jacket can help by using the built-in heaters spread around the back. These heaters are charged by any power bank and can quickly reach comfortable working temperatures. This feature allows the heated jacket to function similarly to a padded winter coat, extending its use into winter sports and leisure activities.

In warmer weather, the jacket turns into a windbreaker. The graphene’s water resistance and windproofing allow it to wick away any sweat from the body and keep the wearer dry from the rain.

Apart from being functional, the GAMMA jacket is made stylish and to work with most outfits. Due to its neutral black and grey tones and a minimalistic appearance, it can blend in with the environment and be unintrusive when needed. The jacket also has 10 pockets strategically spread around the clothing, providing the wearer with plenty of options for carrying their valuables.

With so many great features, why is this jacket not the best-selling ever? Well, graphene apparel is still very new, with designs like the GAMMA still in testing for application value and benefits.

The growing niche means that there’s always room for experimentation. One of GAMMA’s main benefits is the built-in heating system, giving it more usability over standard windbreakers and similar types of apparel.

The apparel’s durability, paired with its low weight and extraordinary features, makes it an excellent outdoor jacket fit for every type of terrain and trip. If you’re a frequent traveller, this jacket can be a huge weight off your shoulder (both literally and figuratively).

To find out more information and benefits of the GAMMA jacket, check out the manufacturer’s crowdfunding campaign at

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