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 Many of you may not know this, but betting and gambling in Korea are among the most accustomed activities in the present time. First online betting started in 1996 by Intertops, and then others followed on. Though the surge of online gambling has been developing slowly since then, Korea has grabbed the hype of online sports betting and gambling for the past few years. Korea is a country with minimal internet usage, and the online betting law is illegal and very strict. Most of the people use 토토사이트 before betting. However, this hasn’t stopped the Koreans from betting online, as there are no laws against betting on offshore websites. Here we’ll be talking about the top 5 betting website in Korea


It is the most used and popular betting website among Korean citizens. 22Bet covers not only sports but esports as well, and their customer service is almost impeccable. The site is organized in a way where the punters feel engaged, and the functionality is straightforward. You can also deposit and withdraw through bitcoins as well. It is available in 50 languages. Also, live betting is very simply made for the bettors to get their adrenaline rush. Also, in your first deposit, you get a 100% bonus of up to CAD 300 for sports betting.


Intertops is the first online betting website in the whole world. Casino poker and sports betting cover all the range of betting. Here the sports are limited, and also, it accepts only USD currency. There are various bonus codes that you can unlock with your choice and range to get some goodies. A good thing about countertops is that it provides many rewards and prizes, which keeps the customer intrigued and keeps ongoing. Like 500$ is given to the bettor who placed the winning parlay with the highest total odds. There is also a monthly parlay promotion. The customer service is very responsive as well.


If you are a seeker of adrenaline rush and a fan of live betting, then Betway is the website for you. It makes live betting simple with its In-Play button. The prime currencies are CAD, Euro and pound. Betway is also a favourite for many bettors for its fair play and safe environment for online play. You will get 10$ within seven days of registration. Enhanced odds are a popular feature among the well know customers. Also, Betway has specific clubs for different types of betting.

Sports betting

This website is mainly made for sports bettors to make it easy for them to use. You can find all the sports you like with a variety of options to bet. The accepted currency is USD. You can also experience multiple live events at the same time using the specific option. It offers up to 250$ bonus using a unique code every time you deposit 50$.In mobile betting, there is a 50$ free play as well. If you are into sports betting, nothing beats this website.

Bet Online

Family of sports betting company this website is famous for its intriguing bonus offer. Also, the boarding system and swift payouts make this a respected one amongst the bettors. It also has a refer a friend option in which you can earn free plays and money.

Online betting can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also cause a lot of damage. Therefore, bettors should be careful and follow the specified rules and regulations to enjoy their time and sports in the above-mentioned top websites for sports betting in Korea.

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