FUT 22 – A Welcome ‘Shapeshifters’ Surprise for Fiorentina’s Martinez Quarta


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If you’re looking for a sweet full-back to play on the flanks of the defence in FUT 22’s UT, consider recruiting a new ‘Shapeshifters’ Player Card for Fiorentina’s trusted defender, Martinez Quarta, who has been transformed into a speedy right-back in the game!

Fiorentina’s season has been somewhat mediocre, as the club used to push hard for consistent European qualification during the early 2000s.

Nevertheless, the club still possess some insane talents, with Argentinian defender, Martinez Quarta, being among them.

In FUT 22, following the current ‘Shapeshifters’ promo, Quarta has been selected to receive a surprise ‘Shapeshifters’ Player Card which evolves him into a right-back instead of his usual centre-back position.

Boasting some impressive upgrades, here’s how Quarta fares as a full-back in the game:

(RB) Martinez Quarta’s ‘Shapeshifters’ Player Card: OVR 93

  • Pace: 96 (+29)
  • Physicality: 92 (+14)
  • Dribbling: 91 (+21)
  • Defending: 91 (+16)
  • Passing: 89 (+20)
  • Shooting: 82 (+26)

As you can see, Quarta’s biggest boost comes in the form of his pace, which is ideal for his new position on the field, besides enjoying massive stat improvements for all of his other attributes too.

If you’re a fan of the 26-year old player, here are the two (2) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) that you will need to complete first (11 Players in each Squad):

  • ARGENTINA (Reward: Mixed Players Pack)
    • Minimum number of Players from Argentina: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 83
    • Minimum Team Chemistry: 75
  • SERIE A (Reward: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack)
    • Minimum number of Players from Serie A: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 85
    • Minimum Team Chemistry: 70

Quarta’s SBCs will expire around the 12th July 2022 (Tuesday), though, so you will need to be quick in order to nab his extraordinary player card update right away.

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