Fun Boat Ideas For Late Summer


Do you have boating plans for the final dog days of summer? There are a few more weekends before Labor Day, so take advantage of this popular summer activity while you still can!

Boat adventures of any kind are a great way to get out of the house, get fresh air, and have fun with friends and family during the warmer weather months.

Whether you want to take a sunset cruise, have a picnic, or put together a water sports day, boating day trips offer a lot of fun options!

Let’s take a look at how to create these opportunities for you, your friends, and your family.

Sunset Cruise

A well-known romantic date option is watching the sun go down. If you have your own sailboat, this is a really beautiful way to spend time with your partner while the evenings are still warm.

If you don’t have a watercraft of your own, you can get a rental, or hire a professional to take you out while you sit back and enjoy.

Make the most of your remaining summer afternoons before it starts to get cooler. Pack some snacks and drinks for a date night snuggling up with your honey on the bay!


Calm days on the water are perfect for a picnic. Fill a cooler and basket with things like sandwiches, sodas, water bottles, chips, and salsa. If you like, you can even throw in the homemade cookies you made for a yummy midday treat!

Anchor yourself in a safe and serene area before setting up your meal. This way, you can enjoy a spill-free experience and take in the views!

This type of activity works in many scenarios. For example, if you want alone time, have one or two friends you want to take out for the day, or are contemplating a date for the future, this is sure to be a hit!

Water Sports

Gather up your friends and load up the car for a playful and athletic watersport day! You can rent or purchase waterskis, wakeboards, tubes, or a parachute (for the adrenaline junkies). Don’t forget to pack enough life jackets for all passengers!

If you don’t know how to partake in these sports, you can still “seas the day”. Feel free to be the monitor when your friends are being pulled by the boat. This is an added safety bonus, and most importantly, the bouncing of the tubers may give you a good giggle!

Are you looking to purchase your own boat? You will also need to buy insurance

Summer Boating Activities

Summer is a season for creating lifelong memories. Day trips like sunset cruises, boat picnics, or gearing up for a day of watersports are sure to be memorable crowd pleasers. Before you head out, look at the weather report to ensure a sunny day is ahead. This way, you are sure to have “a yacht of fun”!

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