Frequently Asked Questions About Delta 8


The form of THC known as Delta 8 is closely connected to the most common form of THC called Delta 9. They are almost identical but for one chemical bond which makes the difference between the 8 and the 9 bonds. This slight chemical difference has created waves politically and economically, as Delta 8 is not as easy to procure as Delta 9.

If you are going to Google with the search term “Delta 8 near me” you may be coming across some controversy on this chemical variant of THC. Get some answers to your Delta 8 FAQ here about what that controversy is about, and how to find Delta 8 near you a little easier.

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is one of approximately 140 cannabinoid products that come from cannabis. This form of THC has one different chemical bond from Delta 9, and as such, its THC properties are a little different. Delta 8 is said to be lighter in THC content than Delta 9, the form of THC that most people consume when they consume THC.

Delta 8 still has psychoactive properties. It is estimated that delta 8 has approximately half as much THC as Delta 9. You can consume twice as much of delta 8 to experience the same effects as delta 9. Delta 8 is available in the same forms that Delta 9 is. You can consume it with edibles, through vaping, and smoking.

Is Delta 8 Legal?

Delta 8 is legal, but there is some controversy around it. That is what leads people to believe that it is not legal. When you are searching for “Delta 8 near me” it is this controversy that you might run across. The 2018 Farm Bill dictates the regulations around delta 8.

The Farm Bill notes that any cannabis with 0.3 percent less than what delta 9 contains is considered hemp, as opposed to marijuana. It also stipulates that anything that comes from hemp is legal to consume or use. Delta 8 falls in this category, making delta 8 federally legal.

Even so, some states have banned hemp derivatives. Ohio, Colorado, Maryland, Idaho, and Arkansas, are just a few. Though delta 8 may be legal under the Farm Bill, it may not be legal in your area. This is likely why it is difficult to find “delta 8 near me” on occasion. Sales may be banned, but consumption may not be. Whether you can consume it in your area will depend on your local jurisdiction.

Is Delta 8 Better than Delta 9?

This depends entirely on your preference and what your needs are. Delta 8 offers much of the same effects in terms of stress release, pain relief, and relief from anxiety and depression. It can also be a very effective sleep aid.

There are some side effects to certain kinds of Delta 9 that you may not experience with Delta 8. That is because the THC content of delta 8 is lighter. You may not get the dry mouth you would with Delta 9, but still, experience delta 8’s positive benefits.

Delta 8 offers the advantage of some psychoactive and pain relief properties, without having to consume as much THC as you would with delta 9. That is what makes delta 8 so appealing to so many.

Shop Delta 8 Safely

The next time you are searching for “Delta 8 near me” know that it is federally legal, and very effective. You can shop for delta 8 today safely.

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