Four things to consider when installing your pool fencing in Sydney


Are you installing a new pool or have you bought a house with an old one? Or maybe you already have a swimming area in your backyard but you need to replace your pool fencing in Sydney. It’s the summer season, so in order to make sure that you can use your swimming area safely and without any worries, it’s important to think about your pool fencing in Sydney.

Maybe you are uncertain of whether your pool fencing in Sydney meets the current regulations. In Australia, there are strict regulations in place to ensure that the amount of tragic accidents is minimised. Every year, drowning accidents occur in Australian backyards and many of these could have been prevented by ensuring that the right and legal pool fencing in Sydney was installed.

At this time of year, it is good to try and get in touch with contractors that can help you install pool fencing in Sydney, as it is a busy season for them. If you leave it to the last minute, you might not be able to install adequate pool fencing in Sydney until the summer’s over!

In order to maximise your use of your swimming area, consider contacting someone as soon as possible. Unless you are completely confident in your own ability to set up pool fencing in Sydney, getting help is paramount but it is notoriously hard to get a hold of extra help during this time as everyone is keen to get their backyard ready for the warm nights ahead.

There are plenty of things to consider before you contact someone to help you, however. This includes your budget, the materials it is made from, and the style you want for your backyard. Choosing your pool fencing in Sydney can be tough, as there are many decisions to make.

No matter what your final decision is, remember that safety takes priority. Ensuring that you choose the right product is essential not only for safety, but also to ensure that problems do not arise in the future with your pool fencing in Sydney. Remember that it is meant to last for years, so investing in a good product is a good idea. Take your time to choose the right pool fencing in Sydney for you. Keep reading for more things to consider when installing aluminium fence perth your pool fencing in Sydney.

Safety regulations

When choosing your pool fencing in Sydney, one key consideration is safety. Not only is this a generally important consideration, it is actually regulated in Australia, meaning that if you don’t have the right kind of barriers, you could potentially be fined.

The regulations vary state by state, but in New South Wales, they must be at least 1.2m high as measured from the finished ground level. They must also not have a gap at the bottom which is larger than 10cm from the finished ground level.

If a boundary fence is part of the pool fence, the barrier must be 1.8m high. You cannot have gaps between any vertical bars which exceed 10cm – if the bars are horizontal and thus climbable, the distance between them must be at least 90cm.

If the barrier is perforated or mesh and at a height of 1.2m, its holes must be no greater than 13mm. If it is perforated or mesh and at a height of 1.8m, with holes greater than 13mm – they must not exceed 100mm.

You must ensure that the barrier is well-maintained and in good working order. It is also essential for your swimming area to be in a non-climbable zone, to prevent children from climbing over fencing into the area.

This means that no trees, shrubs, or other objects such as ladders, pot plants, and chairs cannot be within in 90cm non-climbable zone. The zone is measured in an arc shape from the top of the pool fence arching towards the ground.

The non-climbable zone also includes 30cm inside the pool area from the barrier, which must be cleared of any potential hand or foot holds.

If your backyard does not meet these legal requirements, it is necessary for you to change things so that it does adhere to these rules. Whether it’s getting rid of shrubbery near your swimming area or upgrading the type of fence you have, make sure that your pool fencing in Sydney is legally sound.


Budget is an important consideration when installing your pool fencing in Sydney. There’s no doubt that such a project will require funds, so make sure you allocate a decent amount of funds for it. When it comes to pool fencing in Sydney, you definitely don’t want to skimp on quality.

Costs will differ depending on the type of barrier you choose to install. Aluminium or steel will generally cost 85 to 160 dollars for a 1.2m x 2.4m panel. Glass can vary from 90 dollars and over for a 1.2m x 1.2m panel, and a post or spigot could cost $100.

The overall cost will depend on the size of your swimming area. You’ll need to measure it in order to get a close estimation on how much it will cost.

DIY or professional installation

You might choose to install your pool fencing in Sydney by yourself, but if you do so, make sure that you know what you’re doing. It’s no easy task to erect the barrier, so you might want to consider calling a professional to do the job.

It’s true that erecting the barrier yourself could save costs, but if you end up making a mistake it could be costly and end up taking a lot of time. To save yourself a headache and ensure that your barrier is installed in a way that meets regulations, calling a professional is a good idea.

Styles of fences

When installing your pool fencing in Sydney, there are multiple types to choose from. As mentioned above, you can opt for different materials, such as glass, aluminium, or steel. It all depends on the budget you’re on and the look you want to achieve. You have to visit this site to know about Leander arborists for cutting branches or trees. 

Glass barriers are particularly popular as they create a seamless look and are aesthetically pleasing, providing a safe barrier without blocking your view of the aquatic area.

However, you can also opt for barriers made of aluminium or steel rails, such as a loop-top or double-top fence. Whatever style you choose, make sure you like the look of it as you likely won’t be replacing it in the near future.

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