Ford Escape VS Ford Explorer detailed comparison

When it comes to the renowned automaker Ford, Ford Escape and Explorer are the best selling vehicles. Both of them come with practicality, an all wheel drive and an adventure package. 

They are often seen in the Middle East. In the previous year, both were offered a redesign and were made to turn heads. For this article, CarSwitch has brought you an insightful comparison of both vehicles. If you’re interested to know how I can sell my car in UAE“, visit CarSwitch

Noteworthy features of Escape

When pitting Ford Escape against the Explorer, the greatest perk is perhaps the affordable price. Where the Explorer has its price starting from $40,000, Escape can be bought under $30,000 only. Even if someone wishes to upgrade to the all wheel drive, Escape is cheaper – $1500 to $2000. 

Money saving is not limited to the price of the vehicle only because Ford Escape is highly fuel efficient. At the pump, the driver will be happy to save money. The standard engine of 1.5 liter offers an approximate EPA figure of 30 miles each gallon combined. 

This is better than the hybrid powertrain of Ford Explorer which has a combined 28 mpg. No testing has been done on the powertrain of Escape yet but according to Ford, it will be greater than the Toyota RAV4’s combined 39 mpg. 

The Hybrid powertrain of Escape is extremely cheaper than the previous one, costing $30,000 lower whereas the hybrid of Explorer costs $50,000. But irrespective of the difference in price, Escape provides the same active safety gear, an almost identical feature availability and a smooth ride. A plug-in hybrid is offered on the way as well. 

Noteworthy features of Explorer

Where the Escape wins in the efficiency and practicality category, Explorer wins in the power category. A total of 3 powertrains are offered, each of which have a minimum of 300 horsepower. 

The standard turbocharged V6 engine of 3 liter offers a massive 365 horses. The towing capacity is 5,600 pounds. Considering these big figures, it is obvious that the Ford Escape can not come near to either spec.

Something which might be a deal breaker for the big families is the third row of seats. As opposed to Explorer, Escape boasts no third row. Even when this row is folded, the huge cabin space of Explorer allows spacious headroom and legroom. 

As one can imagine, Explorer has maximum cargo space as well. When the seats are folded, it can support 83.9 cubic feet of equipment which is only 68.5 cubic feet in the Escape. So, families who tend to travel a lot will definitely take this factor in mind. 

Although Explorer is the bigger one in this comparison, it carries its dimensions and size perfectly fine. It has a superb ride quality and does a great job as a mid-size SUV. 


If you want to pick one vehicle from these two available options, you need to decide if the extra size is good enough for spending more money. Ford Explorer is more expensive and much money is required to fill the tank. 

However, it is also the best and more talented vehicle from the two. If your priority is going on long travels with the family members, it should be your first choice. The huge interior and refined practicality is definitely worth the expensive tag. 


The 2020 models of these Ford vehicles are exemplary of the best tech features. Following technology can be seen in both the SUVs.

2020 Ford Escape:

  • Sirius XM radio
  • FordPass Connect
  • B&O audio system equipped with ten speakers
  • Intelligent access with push button start
  • 12.3 inches of digital instrument cluster
  • SYNC 3

2020 Ford Explorer:

  • Sirius XM radio
  • FordPass Connect
  • Dual intelligent smart charging second row USB ports
  • B&O audio system equipped with 12 speakers

Our verdict

Both the Escape and Explorer are outstanding vehicles which fulfill their mission. Both can be seen as all-rounder SUVs which never compromise on anything whether it be comfort or utility. If you want to view any of these vehicles, visit CarSwitch where we host a wide variety of cars.

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