Football bets are at a new high


Football is one of the most bet on sport in the world with many leagues being clear favourites of millions of different fans from all around the world. The clear favourite for most football fans is the premier league, the premier league is the largest and most followed league by quite a way with it bringing in hundreds of millions of fans to watch the games each week. There are many online platforms that offer some great betting sites like some of these casinos that also offer some great half time entertainment with all the online casino games you can think of. Now that fans are allowed back at stadiums due to lockdowns being lifted football bets are now more popular than ever before with record numbers being hit each week from casinos making money and big pay outs to punters. There are a lot of new betting markets that have recently been added such as the now famous bet builder where you can choose different betting markets for example a player to score, a player to be booked, you can even add in how many throw ins or goal kicks there might be. This new method of betting has become very popular amongst gamblers with the bet builder now being a fond favourite with football fans from across the world.

Fans have been waiting for a long time to be able to go back to live games and place bets whilst watching their local teams. The pandemic caused a lot of fans to miss out on seeing their teams play live due to covid restrictions put in place. Now that these have been lifted this football season looks set to be one of the best ones yet with football bets now being at a record high with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The premier league has attracted a whole new bunch of football betters by branching out to new fans with more betting adverts on the tv and radio that ever before. Football bets can be a good way to earn some extra cash if you are sensible, you can have a lot of fun doing them and especially if you are at the live games as this will make your bets a lot more exciting being able to witness them first-hand if they will come in or not.

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