Fonts in Advertising


The impact of advertising largely depends on how correctly the font is chosen for the text. The principle of perceiving the advertising text is as follows: usually, a person’s eyes first stop at the words typed in larger and bold letters. And only after that, having become interested, the reader returns to the beginning of the text and reads it in its entirety. Therefore, the role of the font in advertising is reduced to attracting the attention of the reader by the character of the lettering, and the shape and location of the line.

The font has its own laws. The font line can protrude above the plane of the sheet or sink into it.
Different types of fonts are used in advertising publications. Each type has a certain emotional colour. Therefore, by its nature, the font should harmonize not only with the graphic design of the advertisement but also with the content of the text itself, and the nature of the advertised product. There are fonts that cause readers to associate with the properties of the objects that are discussed in the advertisement, they symbolize beauty, tenderness, and sophistication. They have complex patterns with rounded letters and contrasting strokes, such fonts are suitable for advertising clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, as well as porcelain and glass products.

Not only the drawing of letters but also the methods of their compositional and rhythmic combination in a line have emotional expressiveness. For example, a diagonal arrangement of the line is used to convey the dynamics, while the story is horizontal with a sans serif. In advertising, you can use additional features of the font: the letters in the word can be built in a clear, slender row, can cheerfully “dance”, break the order and form a playful dance.

Fonts can create a different impression depending on the thickness of the lines.

The font of advertising media is an important element of psychological influence. If the typeface, its size, the length of the lines and the spacing between them are chosen thoughtlessly, without any connection between them, then such a text will rarely be read to the end. The readability and clarity of the font are of great importance for the quick perception of the text. The process of reading the text of the advertisement is in many cases a decisive factor in the perception of its semantic content.

Involuntary eye movements, looking at pictures and reading text happen almost simultaneously, forming a complex process of perception, which can be made even more difficult if illegible fonts are used. Fonts for free are available that you can use for your advertising effectively.

Therefore, the readability of the text and its quick perception is ensured by the following factors:

  • simplicity of form and letters;
    • correspondence of the size of the letters to the surface area of ​​the sheet;
    • font unity; it is better, from this point of view, to use fonts of the same group, and to achieve the contrast of different sizes with different thicknesses of lines;
    • font background colour; the contrast of the font with its background is always desirable;
    • spacing between lines: it makes it easier for the eye to perceive and move to the next line;
    • uniform length of lines.

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