Flex Catering – Game changing catering software and online ordering


We are going to entering in 2021 the era of food online ordering. The old traditional business is now has been incremented with software providing online ordering for restaurants and hospitality businesses. Clients want to order from their smartphones in the comfort of their home. 

According to Forbes technology is transforming in the food industry so you have to take a catering software for your food business. Restaurant owners need to provide a solid online ordering solution for their clients and yet have the strong management tool. A sophisticated catering software can achieve this requirement. 

We have investigated several solutions and there is no better solution other than Flex Catering software. It capabilities cover from catering B2B to restaurant retail orders online. Flex Catering is the next generation catering software with an advanced online ordering module and many other advanced featured. 

What is Catering software? 

Flex Catering software is a software providing complete solution for food businesses. It provides the enterprise level features, that large chains would spent millions developing, in an easy to use and affordable package. The software allows customers to place orders online, order approval, kitchen production, sales reporting, multi location order routing and integration with delivery services. It is an end to end solution for restaurants and catering businesses.  

Flex Catering can be organized in five modules:

  • Main Catering Software,
  • Online Ordering Website,
  • KDS (Kitchen Display System),
  • Integrations, 
  • Reports. 

Who is Flex Catering for?

Flex Catering was established in around 2018 by experts in the technology field. The technology came to fulfill a need of a fully customisable online ordering solution integrated to a powerful catering software. Flex Catering offers includes features for a wide range of hospitality businesses such as bistros, restaurants, catering companies, dark kitchens, pastry kitchens, cake shops, butchers and groceries stores. It is easy to setup and you can get up and running in a couple of days.

Why you select Flex Catering over other software?

  • Online ordering website an be fully customized.
  • All data is decentralized and all clients can order online. The software manages all aspects of the business and saves time. The motto is – sales will increase as you will have more time to focus on your business and clients will be able to order online.
  • Manages events and replaces all paperwork so the business is really in the new era. It also allows you to make proposals with e-sign capabilities.
  • Lots of integrations: delivery service such as DoorDash, Credit Card payment gateways, accounting software, POS and more. 

Powerful Administrator

Flex Catering software has an impressive and powerful administrator. It provides amazing tools, automation and reports to run the business day in and day out while clients order online. It’s and end to end solution to run food venues. Manage sales, customers, orders, production, deliveries and much more. The administrator is where all other modules connect to. 

Final words

Online ordering requires a different approach to succeed and does not allow the highlights of the physical location to give it a better chance. 

Established and cost-effective catering software gives restaurant and catering businesses the advantage to compete online as well as a powerful administrator to manage the business operations. The combination of online ordering, better customer experience with mobile experience and a powerful catering software will give food businesses the best chance of succeeding online. 

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