Monitoring our kids’ digital life, we forget their physical activities are equally important to be controlled and taken care of. School life is a big phase for children and teens. Peer pressure is the most influencing factor for how they behave, where they go, and what habits they adopt. How many times did you confirm where did they go after you dropped them off? Yes, they are supposed to be at school and you have that confidence in your kid is justified.

But what if they went out with their friends, skipped classes, and got involved in some other activities? God, forbid! But there is definitely a possibility for every child to become deviant. Teen delinquency is on the rise. In a situation like this, it is your responsibility to keep a check on their whereabouts during and after school hours, when you drop them off at a friend’s home or a party, or at other times you need.

FamilyTime is an amazing FamilyTime Android parental control app that offers twenty-four/seven controls over kids’ movements. Here are the benefits of its location tracking and geofencing features.

1. Safety of Your Child

The first and the most obvious benefit is how you will be able to ensure your children’s safety every moment. Whether they are on their way or at someplace, you have to make sure they reached their location safe and sound and whether they are at the same place or moved away.

Teens are notorious for their risk-taking and adventurous behaviors. Just for the sake of trying something new, they can take a plunge into anything. So, vigilance is important to make sure they do not visit the areas that might be dangerous for them.

2. Sense of Satisfaction 

It is one of the greatest benefits you get from these features of FamilyTime. satisfaction is rare once you become a parent. You make it a habit but once you realize how important it is to stay free of a continuous state of worry, you want to stay in it. So, here you are going to get that.

Features like geofencing allow you to set virtual restrictions around certain areas and get notified the moment they enter such areas. Also, you can set alarms to check their locations after every set interval of time. This way, you will be free of the thoughts about your child’s safety concerns that are in your mind elsewise.

3. A Check on Deviant Behaviors

Deviance is the trademark of teenagers. And most parents are concerned about their kids’ delinquent behaviors. Often, the tantrums your child is showing at home, or if they are behaving oddly has some history. Their whereabouts can tell a lot about their daily activities and the reasons for other problematic behaviors.

So, location tracking and history can be your best help in finding out what is going on in our kids’ life.

4. Sense of confidence and Security for Kids

Not just for parents, these features prove really beneficial for kids too. Security and protection from parents are the requirements of the healthy development of children. When they are facing the world’s challenges and are not completely ready to be a part of it, they need confidence in the form of their parents’ backing.

Using this app will give them a sense of security and confidence that will enable them to face all the challenges with courage. Also, it allows them to stay connected to you which is again very healthy for their mental health.

5. mVirtual Guidance and Corrections

Children and teens often seek ways to get involved in activities that parents don’t allow. For example, trying cigarettes, going to clubs and drinking, etc. With these features, it is not just that you are connected to them every time, it also allows you to be their virtual guide.

For example, if they visit a place you have geofenced, they will be alarmed immediately that it is prohibited by you. So, your guidance and corrections are present with them in the form of virtual controls.

There are a lot more features that this Android parental control app offers. You can check them out on their official website. Also, you can download this app from App Store or Play Store.

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