Five of the Best Career Paths to Pursue in the IT Sector 


The rise of the IT sector in Australia has been impressive, especially since COVID. As more and more businesses rely on online platforms to conduct transactions, a more highly skilled labor force is in hot demand.

This increase in online business and infrastructure, from electric grids to internet accessibility, also requires a more detailed and targeted approach to classifying new jobs.

Currently, there have been 33,000 new jobs created in the tech sector over the last three years, making it the third-fastest growing according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, having the right skills to pursue this technology revolution is more critical than ever.

Below are listed five of the most in-demand and highest-paying IT career paths you can choose. By pursuing a diploma of information technology online you can develop any of these skills needed to compete and land your next big job in the growing IT sector!

Back End Developer

A back end developer is a career path that, as the name implies, handles the brains or behind-the-scenes of programming. Typically, you are working on the things that the user, or front end, never sees. Back-end development includes maintaining, testing, and creating servers, databases, and applications.

The back end essentially supports the front end and is busy managing the database and software written into the server language, which can run on either web or cloud-based servers.
2021 Average Salary in Australia $125,000 (talent

Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer is a jack-of-all-trades term for programmers who handle all aspects of computer development. As mentioned before, a back end developer handles everything behind the scenes or under the hood, while the front end developer runs the visible parts of a web page or app.
Full stack development is a hybrid position that works with both the front and back ends of a website and can handle multiple tasks that involve servers, databases, and user-side website applications. This hybrid role means the developer is familiar with front-end computer languages like HTML and JavaScript and back-end languages like Ruby and Python.

The demand for this highly specialized position is astronomical demand, as companies can utilize your wide variety of skills and knowledge to focus on visual design needs, project management, or web design. By developing and learning both ends of development, you will indeed be a scorching commodity in the new IT job sector.
2021 Average Salary in Australia $120,00 (talent)

Cybersecurity Analyst

There is no more in-demand career than in the cybersecurity field. That’s because more and more people are working remotely, which means more and more personal and organizational data are now compromised.
A typical cybersecurity professional’s work involves installing firewall and encryption tools, researching new IT trends, and reporting breaches. In a nutshell, you’re the good guy stopping a lot of bad characters out there on various platforms.
2021 Average Salary in Australia $111,909 (talent

Artificial Intelligence Engineers

Learning to code is one of the best ways to ensure job security with the latest technology disruption. And no industry threatens to displace traditional labor more than machine learning.
Artificial Intelligence engineers integrate programming skills, data science, and software knowledge to develop programs that think like humans. AI engineers utilize AI to help organizations run more efficiently, improve performance and cut costs.
2021 Average Salary in Australia $111,000 (payscale)

Front End Web Development

Web development is a very client-focused, visual, and front end position where you’ll build and maintain websites from the bottom up. Web development includes designing websites to improve ease of use and functionality, always with an eye and ear to the client’s needs.

Front end developers use HTML, JS, and CSS to build the visible parts of the website and are, without a doubt, one of the best places to start for web development. It’s the best skill to pick up to start learning the other aspects of development as you continue to learn.

Many employers are happy to take you on a junior-level position and, as you learn on the job, can advance rapidly to other aspects of web development, such as back end and full stack.
2021 Average Salary in Australia $102,653 (talent)

Before you decide on the right IT career path, there are also a few other things to consider. Take a free aptitude and career assessment test to provide insight into which IT career model works for you. Suppose you’re more on the artistic side. In that case, front end web development might be a better fit than someone who prefers figuring out how things work, which would be better suited to a back end developer or cybersecurity engineer.

Build your network through social media and start following others in the industry. Ask questions and utilize the internet to research further the IT sectors that might hold the most interest for you.

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