Five Dress Types Every Woman Must Know


Jean pants and skinned tees are all fine. But when it comes to figure-flattering attires, nothing can match bodycon midis. Sheath minis for night parties, floral maxis for beach dates and LBDs for night outs – women’s dresses are remarkably versatile.

Luckily, these clothes vary in size, cuts, lines to match all body types, suit different occasions and flaunt your silhouette the way you want! From shoulder to sleeve choices, one will end up finding more than a hundred types of dress designs and a thousand different ways to style each one of them! Take a break from traditional trouser looks because midis offer comfort and are fashionable picks!

Types of Women’s Clothes

Special women’s country style dresses australia can get you a more feminine look, and feel sweat-free, which you will miss when on skin fit trousers. You have a variety of choices with fabrics from cotton to silk. For winters, you can wholly grab a knit over midi and pair it up with ankle boots! Here is a list of the top seven clothes every woman must possess to slay that killer look:

1. Shift dress

If you are someone who still believes there’s light in vintage fashion, it’s high time you get some of these sleeveless minis. A shift dress does not stick to your body and only offers a boxy shape. It best suits typically lean or skinny body types without actually making them look skinny!

They are sleeveless and flow from the shoulders to reach the mid-thigh. When it comes to patterns, solid shift minis are pretty popular. It goes well with silver accessories, yet you can have geometric patterns on spare!

2. A-Line dress

These midis are getting on the current vogue lane though their origin dates back to the 1950s. An A-line dress can suit all body types especially, ones who have a pear-shaped body. It has a hem broader than the shoulders, so your lower body gets the figure it needs. Precisely, they fit slightly;y above the hip and flare from this point. Again, you have choices with the length-mini or maxi. Pairing a floral A-line maxi with circular barbells or hoops proffers a trendy charm.

3. Wrap dress

A wrap dress is one best buy to get your body figure to hold just perfect. This midi is asymmetrical and has a closure when one side of the dress wraps the other and comes with a tied front closure! Most ties end up in the front, but you still have back ties to customise your fit.

These midis can make your hips and shoulders look the same size. Silk wrap minis look professional, figure-flaunting and work well even with minimal styling and accessories! Wrap midi- just an everyday grab-dress.

4. Halter dress

What’s summer without some halter midis? This strapless midi best suits to flaunt your neck and collarbone if you have a perfect one! It comes with a tie-around neck, typically with a bow or a cross neck strap, called the halter neck. This sleeveless and airy dress best suits summer and beach parties to pull off a casual look.

5. Sheath dress

Lastly, a sheath dress is the best wardrobe addition for working women as it offers a sleek yet formal look. Australian women aged between 18 to 64 contribute to the working sector with 75.4%. This dress gives your body a snuggle fit and perfectly captures your natural figure without staking comfort.

Most sheath dresses have back slits to make you walk or move around without any trouble. From strapless to full sleeves, these minis have myriad choices and offer a straight cut. It best suits those with an hourglass figure, as it fits perfectly at the narrow waist cocktail dress hire melbourne.

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