Becoming a fitness model is increasingly a competitive and popular profession. Fitness models slay on social media, television, magazine spots for favored brands like Puma and Nike. Though you may be good at snapping photos and in great shape, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Working out daily, maintaining a proper diet, and having an athletic build are all major requirements for a fitness model. 

Most modeling agencies look for body types that are fit and lean with well-defined muscular tone. A woman should be taller than 5’6” and a man should be above 6’0”. These are the standard height requirements in the industry. Most fitness models have great skin, a healthy glow, and a megawatt smile. 

Agencies always search for people with a commercial look and an athletic build, which will reach a broad range of consumers because these qualities make them easier to book for clients. Having a unique look and a strong fitness model portfolio is important, apart from having a good physique. So, if you’re interested in modeling and want to become one, follow the steps that are given below:

Self Care: Fitness models are expected to look healthy and glamorous. Having gorgeous hair, glowing skin and a good smile are the qualities that are applicable across all the sectors of the modeling industry.

Workout: Weight gain or loss doesn’t happen overnight. Fitness models dedicate their lives to building and maintaining their bodies. They lead strict lifestyles. No matter where you begin your health journey dedication and fitness is the key to success. Get ripped and perform strength training workouts.

  • Perform HIIT. Squats, cable chops, high knees, push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and lunges are a few types of high-intensity interval training. HIIT burns calories in a short period, increases metabolism, and helps to lose fat.
  • Core exercises are muscle trainers. These exercises balance the body and give better stability. Planks, dead bugs, dumbbell planks are a few types of core exercises.

Muscle Gain: Exercising not only help you to gain muscle. Some hormone deficits may slow down the process of muscle gain. You may also take testosterone boosters for increasing muscle mass. Leaner muscular mass helps you to control weight and increase energy. Men with low testosterone can undergo therapy to get lean body mass. These boosters are available in the form of edibles, injections, and therapies.

Approach Agencies: When you’re happy with your physical appearance and have plenty of self-confidence. Then it’s time to approach some modeling agencies with your portfolio.

  • While some agencies have a distinct variation of models. It is important to find somewhere that will represent you the way you have represented yourself.
  • Different modeling agencies have dissimilar policies. Some allow ‘walk-ins’ where you can simply meet and greet. While some follow their own set of rules such as taking appointments or applying through websites.

Effective Usage of Social Media: The world would not disappoint a gorgeous face on Instagram. Click selfies and post across all the social media platforms to gain followers. When you have millions of people following your every move, the advertisement deals will follow. This is the age to cash in the power of beauty and fame. 

The road of being a fitness model is not an easy one. Some people get their job quickly after joining, others have to work hard, and some give up in the middle of the journey. Be persistent, consistent, improve and keep working. Just because one modeling agency rejects the portfolio doesn’t mean you will never get a job.

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