Fire-Tested Tips ToBecome The Best Racing Car Driver


Every success story is a result of sufficient practice, and winning habits. Becoming a champion or an envied driver in RC racing is not any different.Anyone can raise to become the best at all levels.

You may have invested in rc drift cars to ensure you perform in your next race. Or a new-comer aiming at the trophy and sponsorship from renown manufacturers.  Whichever level you are in these tips will catapult you to the top of your game.

1. Keep a library of your racing moments

It is crucial to document all your moments while you race.  The videos may not be the best in quality, you may not need a professional camera to capture the race. A mobile with clear video quality can offer you the feedback you need.

Further, you can have a friend who can film your practice sessions, and during the race on tracks.After the race, you can assess your performance and identify gaps that need more practice.

What to check in the videos clips

  • Critic how you follow the racing lane
  • What’s your breaking pattern? Do you break too late, or too soon?
  • What’s the appearance of your car? Does it appear balanced, tilted or in between? If you spot the wheels running airborne, it means you’re losing your turning traction.

How do you treat and fare in traffic?

Assess or have a friend critic your performance on the face of traffic. How do you accelerate? What about your braking? Suddenly changing any of these factors can throw you out of balance and misalign your come in the zone.

2. Get and maintain it at the zone

Respond instinctively to any unexpected event while racing. When the racing thrill overtakes you, a driver can easily drift away and lose touch of their environment. And when the enthralling moment is past, you need to quickly be in charge. This is what is referred to as the zone.

How to keep the zone

Do your ‘thing’. Focus on your machine and run your race

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