Finding  Classy Restaurants at Marina Bay Sands


Often individuals and businesses in Singapore would like to take their friend, relative, client or business associate to a classy restaurant for a meal or snacks for different reasons. One of the main reasons why people choose a classy restaurant is because it will help them in creating the right impression on their guest with its superior decor, food and ambience. It will be easier to convince the person when he or she is in a good mood. Marina Bay Sands (abbreviated as MBS) in downtown Singapore is one of the top rated luxury resorts in Singapore with a large number of restaurants. Some tips on finding a suitable classy MBS restaurant are discussed below.

Restaurant type

While most restaurants offer a wide variety of foods based on the customer preferences, many of the top rated restaurants which specialize in a particular type of food. Some of the Singapore restaurants specialize in South East Asian / Singapore food while others may offer Continental, Indian, Chinese or Japanese cuisine. Many people have specific food preferences for example, some people do not like spicy food, others do not eat non-vegetarian food due to religious or health reasons. So based on the food preferences of the customers, a suitable restaurant should be selected.


While there may be a few classy restaurants in Singapore which offer food at reasonable rates, most of the upper class or premium restaurants are charging a premium rate for the food and beverages they serve their customers. These restaurants have invested a large amount in their decor and ambience to make it look unique and luxurious, and they recover their investment by charging higher rates.Typically for each restaurant listing, the price for a meal for two is specified, and the rates for classy restaurants are usually significantly higher than the standard restaurants in Singapore.


While some restaurant visitors during the day are individuals, many of the visitors are employees who will bill the company which employs them for the meal expenses. Often business customers are visiting their vendor’s office for discussing terms, finalizing orders, making changes or other reasons. The work will often take a longer time period, so the employee of the business will take the customer for lunch as part of the business protocol. A large number of businesses are located in downtown Singapore, so many of the larger companies take their important clients for meals to the top MBS restaurants. It is easy to search online for MBS restaurants based on the area code, area name, landmarks and other information.

Other considerations

One of the main considerations while finalizing a classy restaurant is the timings of the restaurant. A large number of restaurants are not open early in the morning, they often open only in the afternoon or sometimes later. The restaurant may also be closed on Monday. It is also advisable to check the dress code of the restaurant, before booking a table. Some of the restaurants are very strict about their dress code, and will not allow access to those who are casually or shabbily dressed. Often the restaurant may have discounted deals, which can help save some money.

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