Field Planning: An Introduction and insight into it


Your properties are your most precious source of information. Resources contain years of engineering interaction experience. These critical assets must also migrate to the cloud as workflows move. The field is the first digital offshore software solution with a 100% cloud-based asset management approach. Your properties are intelligent in FieldAP. Intellectual assets store data, costing, and set-up. Choose an investment, and it will be included in the project. This information will be immediately open to those who need it! See more detail. More information. Allow more intelligent decisions.

Know your field well

Visual beings are humans. In a visually relevant context, we need to see more about assets and knowledge. The field gives life to your precious assets as 3D visual twins within the entire structure of the area. Make your ideas much more comfortable, produce real data and make smart choices. Shift 3D assets and move in tandem with all related purchases. Instant recalculation of MetaData, costs and schedules is carried out. Information is always recent, essential and accessible. Communication is still available. See more insights and do more.

Join your team.

The lifeblood of your project is your global team. They are the artistic power behind the success of your project. Communications mistakes, language gaps and misunderstandings are significant challenges. The field provides all facets of your field design project with real-time visual communication. Global Real-Time collaboration lowers speeds in project life. Both stakeholders will see the same details at the same time now more than ever before. Topic experts should take part in early and regular flows of their unique knowledge to maximize influence on the outcome of a project. See other parties. See more parties. They are making more time-saving decisions, reducing mistakes and managing risk.

Importance of Field Planning

We recognize that field planning is essential for operational excellence to be achieved. It improves protection, avoids incidents and stoppages and improves operational and resource performance. Otherwise, the low efficiency of field teams will jeopardize operating performance, which can lead to backlogs, reduced standards for customer support, much higher costs and decommissioned workforce on the ground.

Many of them believed that these low productivity levels came directly from teams themselves in a recent round-table discussion with senior leaders, with explanations such as regular working hours, Third Party vendors working different hours and restrictions on resource availability. Such viewpoints frequently come from a narrow view of an operation rather than from a broader perspective of procedures and processes as a total of several pieces.

The consequences of poor planning

Performance in logistics vs strategic objectives Organizations routinely build jobs schedules in favour of following a specific KPI that do not take account of the productivity of working located on a systematic path.

In these situations, poorly scheduled travel times were extended, the hours were shortened, running expenses increased, and the amount of work finished eventually decreased.

There are several cases in which a job may be considered essential, and it needs to be done irrespective of the goals of organizational strategy, however in the long run your field operations teams would be ignored and often overridden in the planning phases.

Standard job times vs reality

‘Standard work time’ is used as a measure of how long it should take for a specific job to complete, provide a platform from which goals are identified, and track efficiency, which may prove useful in field operations planning.

In some instances, however, these times are deceptive and impractical due to regular working times that do not take the different elements of the entire process into account adequately. Also lack time to and from work or of time waiting for other process inputs, such as traffic control systems or the delivery of critical pieces.


It is always great and useful to plan well for the fields you possess, and we anticipate that we have replied to your queries regarding this.

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