Features and Services Forex and CFD Trading Platforms Offer


Online trading platforms are becoming increasingly popular due to an uptick in online trading in the last few years. Online trading is a method of trading financial products like bonds, shares, ForexForex, CFDs, and other financial instruments over the internet. Similar to offline trading, online trading on platforms like c Trader, has brokers helping traders to purchase financial products online.

The brokers here are the online trading platforms or, more precisely, electronic training platforms which act as an intermediary between the trader and financial instruments like ForexForex (foreign exchange), CFD (contract for difference), shares, bonds, investment funds, warrants, derivatives, currencies and so on.

Among these, Forex (Foreign Exchange) and CFD (Contract for Difference) have gained immense popularity as they prove to be more profitable than stocks for investing small amounts of money. Thus, many forex and CFD trading platforms have begun to develop a seamless trading experience for their users with their services and features.


Spotware Systems Ltd developed this platform for forex and CFD traders in 2011. It has extensive tools and resources, making it stand out from other similar platforms in the foreign exchange market and a favourite among novice and expert investors. It is an easy-to-use platform that is available in 14 languages.

Features and Services

This platform offers impeccable services with comprehensive functionalities and features that give it an edge over other trading platforms in the financial market.

Some of these features and services are listed below:

#1 Interface

The platform is famous for its user-friendly interface, making it the top choice for novice investors looking to step into the trading world and even for expert investors who are unwilling to tackle complex software.

#2 Charting

The platform treats its traders with visual cues in the form of charts where they can monitor the movement of prices of their financial instruments in real-time, which other trading platforms often fall behind in providing.

#3 Transparency

The platform holds a reputation for maintaining transparency with its traders. In contrast, other trading platforms like MT4 or MT5 have often fallen short in this regard. Transparency means that the trader is aware of even the smallest fee, which might impact the trading strategy.

#4 Design

The platform has designed its platform to leave ample space on the screen for other functionalities and windows since it has only one chart. This gives traders an enjoyable experience since they can access each tool efficiently.

#5 Custom Indicators

The platform houses an extensive library for technical indicators. Moreover, you can also make your custom indicators in C# or combine other custom indicators for use in manual and automated trading.

#6 In-House Store

There is a store on the platform where you can buy bots, custom indicators, and specialised tools to enhance your trading strategy.

#7 Community

The platform has a vibrant community of traders of all levels and from various walks of life who share their queries or any confusion in a forum through cTrader brokers. cTrader brokers are users who use c Trader to provide their customers with various services.

In Conclusion

C Trader is no doubt the best trading platform out in the financial market due to its various impeccable features and outstanding services. So, for traders looking to improve their trading experience or venture into a successful business, this is the trading platform for you! However, you are always open to experiencing yourself and choosing the best platform that caters to your needs. Happy trading!

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