Fashion Tips for Men to Beat the Heat This Summer


Depending on where you live in the States, the summer temperatures can range from balmy and comfortable to sweltering and scorching. Planning your wardrobe effectively could mean the difference between you being cool and comfortable or hot and bothered – and it doesn’t take much preparation. 

All you need to know is the right colors, materials, and styles to choose so that you look and feel as cool as possible, even as it heats up around you. 

Colors and Fabrics

Before we delve into the perfect items for your wardrobe, a quick rundown of the best colors to choose, as well as the most appropriate fabrics. 

Lighter materials in lighter colors look good and help you stay cool. 

This means that you should be considering a light neutral palette for your basics – so sand, khaki, tan, light blue, light grey, and white. You can add a pop of color or a bold pattern to these basics easily, and this can ensure that your whole outfit comes together nicely and remains fashion forward. Great colors for summer 2023 include pink, green, and bright blue, as well as eye-catching metallics. 

In terms of material, unless you are hitting the gym you will want to avoid any sort of synthetic materials. Natural fabrics are excellent for air flow and naturally moisture wicking, so cotton, bamboo and linen are excellent choices. You can of course choose a lightweight wool blend too, especially if you need to be a bit more formal. 

Shirts and T-Shirts

Long-sleeve button down shirts are going to be needed if you work in a more formal environment, but stick to lighter colors and natural fabrics. Light blue is an excellent choice, or a subtle stripe. For non-formal events, you can have some bold patterns to your shirts. 

Short sleeve shirts can be button-downs, polo shirts, or even T-Shirts. The key is to ensure that they are well made and form fitting but not too tight – a little looser means that the air can flow nicely. Remember the key color schemes and don’t be afraid of adding that bit of interest in color or pattern. 

Shorts and Trousers

While you will probably want to avoid jeans as they are too heavy, when it comes to shorts you can have a little more fun. A large variety of Jean shorts , if they are cut well and fit nicely, can be excellent for informal activities like parties. 

You will want chino shorts and full-length chinos in your wardrobe. Stone colored or khaki, but you can also get some nice red or blue that add color and interest.

Athleisure is still on trend for this summer, so you can wear those gym shorts – just make sure they are fresh and clean, and that they fit you well. 


There are a few occasions that you need to think about when you are considering your summer wardrobe. 

Firstly, everyday wear. Every man should own a pair of leather sneakers, preferably in white. These are ideal for a smart casual outfit, a date, a party… the list is endless. 

You will still need a smart pair of shoes, and this might mean an Oxford shoe, or you might be able to rock a tasseled loafer – choose brown rather than black though. 

Sandals might not be the go-to choice for the well-dressed man, but there will be occasions where you will want something you can just slip on – and Birkenstocks are ideal for this because they have just a little bit more substance than the flip flop. 


There are few other bits you might want to pick up:

  • No-show socks – not everyone wants to have bare feet inside their shoes.
  • Bright and bold sunglasses – step away from the plain black Ray-Bans
  • A straw fedora or a well-made Stetson, if you are feeling adventurous. 
  • Dark brown leather belt, or a more fun and youthful colorful braided or webbed belt.  

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