The fashion industry is creating wonders everywhere. Fashion has become a part of everybody’s life. Fashion brands came into existence only during the 19th century. The growth graph of the fashion industry from there on went uphill. Many talented designers are blooming out with their fashion brands every year. The competition in the market is leaping bounds day by day.

The peoples’ interest and engagement over fashion are quite evident. Each day a person is getting inspired by emerging fashion bloggers, enthusiasts, fashionistas and influencers. Brands like Bottega Veneta are even driving celebrities crazy. The fashion industry gives life to artistic and creative components, which ends up trending in every nook and corner.

The spectrum of fashion is unimaginably extensive. There are prolific categories like tops, pants, accessories, shoes, bags and so on. Each of which has impeccable varieties and styles. Some of the stunning styles and trends listed further for a greater understanding.



A turtle neck bodysuit paired with a leather skirt is trending in all social forums. The bodysuit adds perfectly to the glam quotient. The leather skirt enhances the definition of the silhouette. The popular celebrity Rosie Huntington went viral in this outfit which inspired tonnes of people around. The celebrity also styled the outfit with Bottega Veneta’s double knot bag along with their stunning mules.

Many celebrities have stated that they love the scintillating collections of mini bags, knot bags, mules and pumps from this brand. The whole outfit looks on point with the blend of stylish accessories. Using contrast colours while styling can transform the look to a whole level. The field of fashion has varied departments and functions which work together to get the desired result.


Knitted cardigans are highly versatile, which makes them experimental. Fashion is all about freshness and innovation. People can style these cardigans in so many ways. It can be worn as a top or styled as a jacket preferably. The long cardigans are real game-changers. It adds an edge to even the simplest outfits. Cardigans are the go-to outfits for most of the teens out there. These can be paired with jeans, wide-leg pants, and skirts. This outfit can be topped with some pretty chokers, studs along with dark shade pumps or boots. Cropped cardigans are making real style statements.


Camo prints never get down the trending list. Styling one-piece camo dresses with a pair of sneakers can never go wrong. This outfit makes great casual wear which is cool and stylish at the same time. These are one of the summer essentials and a must-have in one’s wardrobe. The prints have a separate fanbase. Formerly these prints were used only by males. The trend widened its boundaries and was greatly appreciated by the people in the fashion industry.


Right from celebrities to kids, everyone is praising the use of neon shades in fashion. These illuminating colours are added to dresses, bags, shoes and other accessories. Pairing neon green pumps with any outfit are unexplainably alluring. These colours are attractive and can stand out anywhere.

Many people are styled in either a neon dress or adding a neon hint to their attire. These colours grasp the attention of people even from a long distance. Celebrities were also witnessed in flourishing and dazzling neon dresses in different award functions.


This one-piece apparel is a fashion saver for most teenagers. This piece bagged enormous applause when it was first launched. The particular style has also been incorporated in the bridal world as many brides find it fascinating and exciting. This outfit can be worn anywhere as it is a blend of richness and style. You can also check for more information on the evolution of fashion.

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