Family Therapy With Charlie Health


In unconventional times during a global pandemic, it’s easy to understand why families and groups of people are more anxious and hopeless than ever before. The reality is that it’s difficult to maintain mental wellness nearly two years into a global crisis.

The good news is that there are ways you can help yourself and your family members if your relationships are suffering due to mental health issues or even current events. Read on for a few ways that group therapy with your family at Charlie Health might be the answer for you and your family.

What is family therapy?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that going to therapy with family members is only for dysfunctional families in crisis. The truth is that resources like can help functioning groups maintain and improve relationships, manage stressors, and improve their quality of life overall.

Family therapists are trained in family systems and group dynamics that help untangle relationships, resolve conflict, and even change narratives around any family system. For example, maybe you and your family are having a hard time due to different political beliefs or how to navigate life in the pandemic. A family therapist would be able to help you to see each other’s points of view, ease tensions, and even come to a compromise through the use of group tools and activities.

Family therapists can also help families to understand negative and positive behavior patterns that take place in all families. In a typical family therapy session, the therapist will encourage all family members to participate and help them to communicate their world views, wants, and needs to the larger group.

How can family therapy help?

While there are never guarantees with any type of therapy, therapy with your family can be a great way to help you and your family communicate in healthy ways. Through the ability to identify healthy boundaries, enmeshment patterns, as well as toxic interaction and fighting styles, you’ll have a better chance of working through conflict on your own well after group therapy. That is, by going to therapy with your family at a place like Charlie Health, you’ll have tools you can use in your life and family for the long term; not only while you’re in treatment.

Family therapy can help with changing behaviors in the family, setting clear expectations, helping family members to know their role in the family, and even determining a family member beyond the identified patient who needs the most support.

Who needs family therapy?

Family therapy is for many types of groups. If you’ve ever heard your business call their staff a work family, you get the basic idea. Otherwise put, any group of people who work or interact together on a regular basis can benefit from group therapy based on a family systems modality.

If you work with a team in your business struggling to navigate the pandemic, for example, they could be good candidates to see a family therapist to help things run smoother. While the tools won’t be different than they would for a family of origin or creation, they will work the same way when it comes to managing conflict and achieving positive outcomes for the bigger group.

In the end, few things are as valuable as your mental health and overall peace of mind. Understanding that there’s hope out there is a great bit of information to have. By getting in touch with a family therapist at Charlie Health or another quality therapy group, you’ll be giving yourself and your family hope. Best of luck to you in your quest to improve your relationships and better your mental health. There’s hope out there if you’re willing to reach out. You can get many qualities of Hammocks from Tropilex very easily.

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