Family law advice for a separating couple – Understanding the role of Counselling


One of the things a good family lawyer will suggest when you are starting the process of separation or divorce is to seek family counselling Perth. This is not to try to get back together. It is a process that helps both people in the relationship function better as they make emotional decisions and choices during the process of moving from working together as a unit, to working as individuals. Through this counselling, you are better able to interact with each other and other family members, and it is especially good for parents in helping to talk with children so they understand.

Not just for nuclear biological families

The law better recognises that there are all kinds of families and there can be all kinds of need for counselling. This is not just for mothers, fathers and children. It could be a stepfamily, an adoptive family, a mixed family of adopted and biological children, an extended family with grandparents involved and so on. The emphasis of this therapy is on the health of all the members attending. As well as opening communication and helping to deal with anger and emotion it also breeds better interactions at home and emotionally healthy people able to adjust, converse and reach some type of agreement or compromise. Where marriage counselling Perth might focus more on the couple’s counselling sydney, family counselling is about the family unit. Both help with mental, behavioural, and emotional disorders and limit dysfunctional interactions.

Who offers family counselling, Perth?

The intention behind this therapy is to help solve conflict and problems through better communication, a better understanding of each other’s issues and of specific family situations such as separation or divorce, remarriage and others. A number of professionals can offer counselling like this. Some are clinical psychologists, some are certified counsellors, some are psychiatrists.

They will take you through a process of evaluation to assess what approach is required and where the dysfunction and disorder are prevalent. They will look at the type of emotions and patterns and communication styles that are expressed, as well as looking at alliances, secrets, family roles and more. The family is a living organism and the counsellors look at where each member of the family is positioned and what roles are played. Both marriage counselling and family counselling Perth are about getting to the heart of the matter.

How does this help in matters of family law?

It is, unfortunately, the case that often in the process of separation and divorce, many people do not place emphasis on their own emotional and psychological health and that of those around them too like their children. Even people who are there to support you are impacted by the process. Understandably during this time of stress, deep emotion, possible trauma and conflict, support from a professional to help make better legal decisions is important. That way you and those around you are as healthy as possible and are better able to understand the legal advice being offered.

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