Facing School Disciplinary Hearings? Why You Need an Academic Misconduct Attorney


For students, the disciplinary process at a college or university can be scary. Students could be suspended or expelled from their school when found responsible for academic misconduct. The majority of colleges let students seek the assistance of an experienced academic misconduct attorney, although the attorney may not be allowed at a school hearing. 

The disciplinary process in colleges and universities is quite unique. There are various rules, processes, and standards of proof.  In some instances, students will work with an academic misconduct attorney to guide them through the process. The best attorney to hire understands the college disciplinary process. If you are a college student facing disciplinary action for academic misconduct, here’s why you need an attorney:

Thy Should Serve as Your Adviser

The role of your lawyer in the disciplinary process is different from a lawyer who argues for a client in court. A lot of rules apply. Your attorney can advise you on how to prepare for your hearing, prepare you for the questioning, and help you recognize when you need to take a break during the hearing. 

Disciplinary Hearings Have Unique Rules

In disciplinary hearings in school, court rules do not apply. When you face an academic misconduct accusation, the basis due process in your college or university applies. Your lawyer should be familiar with such rules and the way they work. Also, in most college disciplinary actions, the stand is just a preponderance of the evidence. 

You Won’t be Facing a Jury or Judge

A committee or panel usually conducts most disciplinary hearings. Only lawyers who have significant experience in these hearings know how they work and what doesn’t. 

Student disciplinary hearings need to be fair. You will get notifications through the mail. It is in your best interest to review the evidence presented against you. If you are concerned that this evidence is one-sided, your lawyer can review them for you. They can write an official request that the hearing will hear all related parties. 

Every hearing has its own challenges. Your lawyer will pursue a reliable strategy. They will help you seek the best course of action. Also, they may seek the opinions of other experts like counselors and therapists to help when you present your side of the story at a hearing. They will help you understand the different nuances of the school disciplinary process.  Also, they will inform you of what’s expected of school officials when handling this process. 

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