Eyelash Extensions: The Latest Trend In The World Of Fashion

While several sensations die out promptly or rapidly, few sensations, especially makeover manias, stand the tryout of extension of time. For example, the crazing trend of corsets that severed ribs and suffocated to look inch-perfect extinguished quite rapidly. Still, eyeliners that became as popular as the corsets during the 19th Century lasted an eternity.

But, the process that starts by filling out an eyelash extensions consent form has to do much more! When opting for the process, many have the similar confusion. 

What stand does the sensation of eyelash extension hold? Will it last an eternity like the iconic turning inventions to the world of beauty or simply fade away, writing a few pages in the history of this beauty?

So to help you better, we’ve listed all the possible facts in this blog. 

Eyelash Extensions: The Undying Trend

Contemplating all such, Eyelash Extensions are one of the enormous creations in beauty commerce. It’s a successful, profitable, and prosperous trend that rapidly spread among the crowd like the plague. 

The CAGR of the false eyelashes market is predicted to be 6% from 2019 to 2025. Here are a few points on why it is so popular.

Mind-thumping changes:  

Women love the idea of making their eyes look bold, young, and professionally beautiful. In addition, eyelashes create the effect of youth fullness due to their curvy, natural, and wide lashes. 

It undoubtedly makes your eyes stand out from all your facial features creating a makeover of self-confidence and boldness with the least changes. But more importantly, it establishes your confidence with a warm feeling of demi-goddess.

It is not permanent:  

Just like you change the color of your hair or lipstick whenever you want. Similarly, you can remake your eyelash extension styles any time you desire. These lashes are glued with your natural lashes with a special glue that wears off on its own within eight to seven weeks. 

Specialized salons fulfill your desire to change your preferred wants. Such as your personalized preference of having a dramatic, cat eye, doll eye, or natural-looking eye with varied color options.

Saving your own time: 

One of the main reasons for the concept of eyelash extension hitting its peak among the multitude is its feature of consuming quite less time in a lengthy makeover change. This is because your eyelash extensions are enough to make your eyes stand out from all your other features. 

In short, there is no longer a need to apply multiple layers of your mascara or draw a perfect wing. Instead, it makes your eyes look bold, professional, and defined without applying any mascara, wings, or other limited eyeliner strikes around your eyes.

Affordable in the long run:

Eyelash extensions are not as expensive as they may sound. It depends on your usage and maintenance of your extensions. It may cost you a one-time payment of 200$. However, your specialized preferred salon might charge you a reasonable and sufficient payment. 

An extra amount spent will assure your longevity and proper lash maintenance even after 5 weeks.

To free you from doubts about the eyelash extension craze, we’ve answered a few questions in the following section. 

Why Is A Consent Form Important For Eyelash Extensions?

No doubt, eyelash extensions make your eyes look broad, natural, and beautiful. However, keeping up with beauty brings about the responsibility of maintenance as such beauty changes are quite personal depending on one individual.

Consent is essential when it comes to the point of applying for eyelash extensions, and you ensure this by filling out an eyelash extensions consent form. Once done, a semi-permanent glue is used, often, monomeric formaldehyde or cyanoacrylate is used which is glued to your natural lashes, and for the time being, it forms a permanent lash. 

For that specific time, the lashes are permanently attached to your natural lashes, and you need to consult your professional salon to remove them. Due to such consequences, consent is necessary. Suppose any salon person uses an adhesive liquid for attachment where irritation, rashes, or vital eye issues may be caused. 

Sometimes there are hazardous effects for this specific reason; you need to sign the eyelash extension consent form. However, sometimes it does damage your natural eyelash and inflicts hazardous eye issues.

Beware Of The False Trends

Many misleading persons might induce you to a different conception of consent. It is essential to note down that such type of misleading is legally wrong as well as harmful to your health. Always make sure that you carefully read the eyelash extension consent form before signing it. 

Certainly, you don’t want to be in a situation where you want to be in the middle of chaos when you are told after the eyelash extensions that these are permanent. So be sure you get a copy of that consent form and have detailed information like contact, and address where you can personally speak with your salon. 

Make sure that they use less toxic or adhesive glue while making your transformation. Another important thing that needs to be noted is that before signing the eyelash extension form, the salon has mentioned using less adherent or less toxic glue, which will not cause any itching or eye problem.


Always ensure your experienced salon member has a license and is certified. If your salon member or the salon does not have any certification, then it is a better idea to look for a certified one. Remember, every detail is listed on the eyelash extensions consent form; read and then decide. 

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