Exploring The Use Of Color Theory In Contemporary Painting


Many times some artists find it quite difficult to explain the use of color theory in contemporary painting. The color theory has a lot embedded in it and if not looked into properly as an artist, you might find it difficult to express colors in your paintings.

Do you want to know about color theory and how it has an effect in contemporary painting? In this article, you will find out a lot pertaining to color theory and more. Stay glued. Check out painters Hamilton for more.

What Is Color Theory?

Before we go into heavy details about this subject matter, it is important that you get to understand what color theory is. Color theory can be seen to be a body of ideas providing direction to the use of colors and the relationship between colors and the impact they have physiologically on certain combinations.

Most painters think they have to understand the core principles of color theory before they are able to deliver a great painting. Understanding the basic principles of painting will help you mix colors greatly and also deliver an outstanding job when there is one.

Talking about the physiological impact of this, we can say that after your paintings, how do people react to it when they see it? Does it communicate anything to them? If your painting is able to spring up an idea in a person then you might have understood the term ‘color theory’.

Terms Of Color Theory


This is a term that refers to color itself. It can be seen to be a dominant wavelength of colors. For example we can say that the hue of navy is blue. Also, we can say that hue represents the wavelength of the colors present on the color wheel.


If you want to refer to how real or pure a color is then we call it saturation. If you want to reduce the degree of saturation in a color, all you have to do is add gray to it. If you completely desaturate, all you’ll have left is gray either light or deep.


The value of a color is determined by how light or dark the color is. In painting, this is a widely used technique that every artist must understand.

The Effect Of Color Theory In Contemporary Painting

Expression is different

When an artist understands color theory, he/she is able to express differently and then people are able to relate to it. For example, red represents love and blue represents trust. When these colors are mixed rightly, it can communicate love and trust to people who understand.

It makes it more beautiful

Paintings that are done from an understanding of color theory tend to be beautiful. Due to the fact that they were done with colors rightly mixed, it gives a beautiful feel that everyone would love.

Having seen these, you’ve been able to understand the concept of color theory and how it affects contemporary painting. We hope you have been able to understand the concept.

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