Exploring New York State: 6 Sights For a Great Road Trip


New York State is an outstanding area on the US map. This is not only because it’s home to one of the largest, most populous, highly developed and beautiful cities in the world called New York City. Pick up ALB car rental in Albany, the state capital, go on a road trip and you can see many other interesting destination. Located in the central part of the state about 152 miles north of NYC, Albany will be an excellent starting point for your road trip. 

Well, where to go and what to see? We have prepared a list of the greatest points that you will definitely like to explore by car…


Where to go first from Albany in a rental car? Of course, head to Cooperstown just north of the city. You will travel 73 miles on the scenic highway in just an hour and a half. In turn, you will get a great variety of trip experiences at the same time. 

Baseball is the main feature of Cooperstown. The National Museum of Baseball Glory is the largest in the country, but sports are thriving even in ordinary restaurants. 

For nature lovers, Cooperstown is a real gem. The town has a park that is almost five times larger than the famous Central Park in New York City. There’s also Otsego Lake, offering yachting and boating, as well as and cozy picnic and barbecue areas equipped on the shore.

Lake Placid 

If you like skiing, hiking or similar activities – rent a car and drive to Lake Placid. It’s a small village in the Adirondack Mountains that was fortunate enough to host the Olympic Games in 1932 and 1980. 

Today American skiers still train there. As a result, all snow tracks are maintained in good condition all year round and are open to both athletes and ordinary people who come there for family weekends. Lake Placid is also famous for being located in the largest national park in the United States east of the Mississippi River – Adirondack Park. Nearby you will find 46 mountain peaks, from where New York and Vermont are perfectly visible in clear weather.


The city of Buffalo is located on the eastern shore of Lake Erie on the Niagara River fairly close to the Canadian border and the famous Niagara Falls. 

The city’s landmarks include Delaware Park placed in the north of Buffalo. It was designed by Frederick Lowe Olmsted, who created the Central Park project in New York. The park is home to the popular Buffalo Zoo as well as the city’s finest art museum, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.


Having a one day car rental trip to Greenport is a great idea. Situated 100 miles from Brooklyn, this city retains the charm of a bygone era and is famous for its colonial-style buildings, small gift shops and authentic restaurants overlooking the ocean. 

For fans of educational tourism, Greenport has prepared an interesting exposition in a museum dedicated to the history of the railway, and an excursion to a local winery and brewery. Also, there’s a farm products market operating in the town on weekends. 

What else to do in Greenport? You can just walk around this cozy town, take a boat ride, go fishing, taste local wine and find a bunch of other entertainments.

Cold Spring 

The Hudson River embankment is a major attraction in Cold Spring, which is 65 miles from the Big Apple. The Victorian era is alive and well there. On a warm summer day, ladies in long dresses with sun umbrellas often walk along the embankment. Famous attractions of the town are Hudson Highlands Park, Stonecrop Gardens and the ancient Bannerman Castle. 

Of course, you can find many other great places with your rental car, or go explore the city’s amazing natural surroundings.

Watkins Glen State Park 

Watkins Glen State Park is a real natural wonder. One of the most beautiful places in the park is a picturesque 400-meters-long gorge with a depth of about 120 meters, which has been cut through the rock by the Glen Stream for millennia.

Not far from the town is the Seneca Lake, which is part of the Finger Lakes. It gives the area a unique atmosphere. You can enter this wonderful park for free, but you only have to pay for the parking.  Already from the bridge located at the entrance, you’ll admire stunning landscapes. The upward path, which has eight hundred steps, also deserves attention. If you want to rent limos car such as charter bus, Mini bus, Shuttle bus you can visit this site Limo Find

The territory of Watkins Glen Park has three terraces connected to each other, which allows visitors to view both the bottom of the gorge and climb to the top. Convenient and beautifully decorated stone paths, located along the gorge, provide a unique view of this wonderful natural creation from many angles.

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