Exness Minimum Deposit ZAR


When considering a Forex Broker, minimum deposit plays an integral role. It serves as the account-opening fee. Usually, it varies with the type of accounts you use from a broker. South African traders consider the initial deposit amount in ZAR.
Since Exness is a very popular Forex brokerage house, people have various questions about it. For instance, what is the Exness Minimum Deposit ZAR?
Well, you do not have to worry anymore as we have the answer here. This article will tell you all you need to know about your question. 

A Complete Guide to Exness Minimum Deposit ZAR
First, let’s start with a background check of the broker. Exness is a well-known brokerage company founded in 2008. It is working with over 60,000 clients worldwide. The broker is regulated by strict bodies, including Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
The reason why Exness is accessible globally is mainly it supports 13 languages. Plus, it is convenient due to its usage of MT 4 and MT 5 Trading platforms.
With that said, let’s look at the Exness Minimum Deposit ZAR

  • Exness Minimum Deposit ZAR in Standard Account
    The standard account is the most common option among Forex traders. It has a low initial deposit amount and is suitable for beginners. It is Exness Minimum Deposit is $10, which is 140.69 ZAR.
    But, for Vietnamese traders, it is $15, which is equal to 211.04 ZAR. The broker’s minimum deposit is comparatively lower than others in the Forex market. Plus, there is no commission, and the leverage is up to 1:2000. 
  • Exness Minimum Deposit ZAR in Pro Account
    The Pro Account is suitable for experienced Forex traders. However, the Exness minimum deposit ZAR is actually lower than most other brokerage companies.
    It requires $500, 7425.12 ZAR for the Pro Account. There is also no commission in this type, and the leverage is the same as the Standard. 
  • Exness Minimum Deposit ZAR in Other Account Types
    There are also various other account types of Exness. These include Islamic, Raw Spread, Zero, Standard Cent, and Demo Accounts.
    However, their minimum deposits are similar to the two mentioned above. For instance, Raw Spread and Zero accounts have the same Exness Minimum deposit ZAR as the Pro. Most other features are also the same, such as leverage. But, these two accounts have 0.0 pips spreads.
    Other than that, the Standard account is similar to the Standard Cent. Both of them have the same initial deposit amount, which is 140.69 ZAR.
    As for the demo account, it is free to get started. You do not need any cost for it as it trades in virtual money.
    Therefore, if you consider only Standard and Pro accounts, you will know the Exness Minimum Deposit ZAR of all other account types. 

Exness Minimum Deposit ZAR of all accounts is comparatively lower than most other brokers. It will definitely fall in your budget. In addition to that, this article will also help you find the right account type for you.

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