Exciting gifts to be considered for your daughter as she turns 5!


Time flies by so fast. It was not that long ago when you came home from the hospital with your newborn. And now, she is turning five. It is time to get her a good gift that will wish her a happy birthday in the most comforting way! You want to give her something special, a gift that she will enjoy and cherish.

Thinking of a unique gift for your little girl is tough. Your friends and relatives might have already thought of all the possible gifts a young girl can have and will love!

If you want to give something unique and special, you can always personalise the gift you are choosing for your tiny tot. Aside from that, you can give her other interesting gifts too that are as personal and as comforting as well as unique.

Here are some of the birthday gifts for your little girl that you can turn into wonderful treasures and in turn surprise her:

  1. Since your baby is turning five years old, why not give her five girls boots. Not all girls have one. You can pick one pair and personalise it by engraving a message on the body or sole of the boots. You can also insert a personal message inside. You can even ask her friends and other loved ones to write their own messages and place it inside the boots.
    If your daughter is more fascinated by other objects such as naptime blankets, colourful interactive books, doll house sets, etc. you can also have these items customised to give these boring items a more substantial credit. Check this site to get various types of wooden toy boats.
  2. If you know how to sew, you can make her a dress. You can be sure that only your little girl will wear this special design because it is your personal creation. You can embroider a simple message of love to make it extra special. Your daughter will surely cherish it even if she grows old.
    Ensure the colour and the pattern to be of your little one’s choice. If you are uncertain as to what kind of a dress your daughter may appreciate, then sit down with her and ask her to draw or describe what kind of a dress she would like. Children are generally enthusiastic to tell others what they want for their birthday.
  3. You can also redecorate your little darling’s room as a potential birthday gift. If she does not own a room yet, it would be a great time to present her with a new space. You can paint it with her favourite colour. If you do not have a space for her room, you can create a space for her in the house. You can also place new toys that she will enjoy.
  4. You can give her a surprise present. It can be something that she has been asking for but she is unsure that she is going to get. You can finally give her the new bicycle she has been praying for. You can also give her the kitchen set she saw at the toy store last month. Anything that your baby has been longing to have will be a pleasant surprise.
  5. Gifts do not have to be material. If your daughter wants to have one movie night with her parents, you can give it to her after presenting her with the birthday cake. This can be very memorable for a child especially if her parents are not home most of the time. If your daughter likes the idea of dressing up and going out for a meal with the two of you, you can easily arrange that as well. The dress that you have readied for her will play a grand role in this circumstance. While stepping out for the family date, you can also get exotic blooms through Online flower delivery in Mumbai services to make things even more profound for your daughter on her birthday!

If you are uncertain as to which flowers to choose, then get in touch with a reputable florist. With their knowledge and understanding of both flowers and special occasions they would be able to assist you in choosing the most appropriate floral gift for your daughter. After all, little girls may have fascination over colours and appearance of flowers over the in depth meaning of them.

When giving a gift to your child, see to it that it is age appropriate. Remember, there are gifts, which have detachable parts that could threaten the safety of your child. Read the caution warning before making any purchases.

You can also make any gift special for your little one. You can add personal messages to it and convey your affection for your daughter. In addition, there are also many gifts that you can create with your own two hands. This will ensure that only your daughter has that special thing on her birthday from her thoughtful parents.

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