Evil Eye Necklaces, And Why I Wear One!


I am I just really like turtlenecks I don’t wear them that often last year I went through like a huge turtleneck phase and this year I haven’t really touched him too much I don’t know I know like people either love turtlenecks or they hate him a lot of guys I know don’t like them because they think of their grandma I mean I bake cookies so I’m like basically a grandma already also I changed my background again。

I wear necklace today which I usually wouldn’t make this fashion statement of like a necklace outside of a turtleneck and also evil eye bracelets but since we’re talking about it today I figured it was okay instead of me like reaching into my shirt and pulling it out every time I wanted to say something on it, I figured

a turtleneck was also a better way to showcase the necklace because that way you can see it instead of up against like my pale skin tone where you wouldn’t be able to really see the necklace.

so if you guys don’t know this is an evil eye necklace I know this isn’t a requested article like nobody requested for me to talk about this. I don’t think anybody online knows that I wear this but I have gotten questions in real life about it and about like why I wear an evil eye necklace on my neck. what it means like I don’t know look I feel like if you see an eyeball people just get confused like they don’t understand like what it is so I figured if I got them and really if you guys might be curious because it does have to do kind of with like paranormal things and especially with my house like you guys heard about my paranormal stories so I figured you might be interested in how I am choosing to protect myself from those evil eye bracelet or necklace.

The evil eye symbol and I don’t know if this is entirely correct or not but from what I’ve seen it dates back either 3,000 to 5,000 years ago in either ancient Greece, I don’t know there’s so many different like places where it’s said to have been originated. where it’s said to have been originated the thing with this symbol is that it is a part of so many different religions and so many different backgrounds that it is hard to like pinpoint the exact time at least in my opinion if anybody knows where it actually came from please let me know because I’m actually very interested in it in ancient times.

It was believed that a malicious glare is one of the most harmful things that a person can receive and that if a person with a lot of possessions or pride or just a lot of success is given a malicious evil eye glare that it would cause misfortune in the receivers life,whether they would lose all their things or be cursed or whatever it’s basically just believed to be like a very bad thing. Jealousy is like one of the most harmful emotions it is believed that the evil eye is sometimes involuntary that just malice or envy towards another person can create this form of curse towards service Eve

sometimes you don’t always know that you’re doing it it is also believed that if anybody was sent the symbol of the evil eye that they would be cursed or have bad things happen to them basically. some people will go as far as to say that the evil eye and receiving the evil eye will cause illness misfortune and even death and so in some point in time some point in history people started to

wear the eyes to protect themselves from this malicious glare so that if somebody is looking at you with malicious intent wearing your own whether it be a necklace earrings bracelet like anything that you have on you that has this symbol it will stare back at that and like kind of reflect it off of you it’s basically just like a form of protection.

some people call it like the eye of God,other people just believe that it’s an open eye on your body looking at everything around you reflecting whatever it is the first time I was introduced to the whole concept of the evil eye symbol and wearing it as a form of protection was when I was going through all of my apartment stuff like I mentioned.

If you haven’t seen it I’ll leave something here, I was very scared I wanted any kind of protection and every kind of protection I could possibly have when I was going through that I was looking up protection crystals. I was looking up necklaces like anything I could put in my apartment anything I could wear like I wanted to have it, just because I was so freaked out and paranoid and scared that like this kind of stuff was gonna be messing with my life.

I saw a bunch of necklaces for it I didn’t really like majority of them just because I didn’t want something so obvious on my neck, so that is why I chose such a simple one is just like a football like eyeball shape but with just a blue stone in the middle just so, it doesn’t look so much like an eye but it still is and I when I was at my apartment I really wanted one of these but I didn’t get one and it wasn’t until I came home and all this started happening with dad that I started wearing one and I actually met somebody else who was wearing one as well.

since wearing this I haven’t seen anything else and personally I believe it’s due to this well I haven’t seen black shadow figures I’ve seen the white ones things have happened to me, but I

haven’t seen anything that I felt malicious intend from. I believe that anything in the world if you want it to do that thing for you, it will like I am a big believer in intention everything is about intent like this will do this for me like believing in things that will do things for you and so to me.

I believe that this will keep me safe from all the bad things in my dad’s house, so I figured if this could help me even the slightest bit it’s worth a shot and like I said since putting it on and since never taking it off like I haven’t taken it off since I got it I only take it off the shower just because the chain and the the charm are sterling silver and those do tarnish fairly quickly especially under water just to avoid that I do take it off for like the 10 minutes and then I put it right back on.

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