Everything you need to know about the Hawaiian Dreams Slot Game To Earn Some Money


Hawaiian dreams are one of the best new-generation online gambling games that are hustling these days. The game came out in 2018, but Japan technical games or The JTG team maintained the increasing expectations. So, ハワイアン ドリーム is not only the dream destination for the tourists but also the pro gamblers too. Let us get to know more about this popular game.

About Hawaiian Dreams

JTG team released the game back in 2018; the winning rate has been at or above fourteen hundred. It means you can win fourteen hundred times more than your initial investment through the Hawaiian dreams. High winning rates are one of the primary reasons for this game’s massive popularity. The slot rank for the Hawaiian dreams is seven thousand one hundred and Twenty-six.

More features

Hawaiian dreams is an exciting slot game in the Hawaiian beach simulation. There is a map for you to explore the areas, but if you want personal advice, going for the map will be a waste of time. Instead, you can directly enter into the game and try to explore the areas yourself. It will be more beneficial.


The RTP for the Hawaiian dreams is about ninety-seven Percent. So, it means the house charge is only about three Percent no matter where you play or through which device you play. So, it is an excellent opportunity to win more money through Hawaiian dreams than from other online slot games. Also, it is entirely free, and many demo games are available online.

Why the demo game?

If you do not want to invest money initially in betting, then the demo games are here for you. It is an excellent opportunity to explore the original game layout and gather experience before entering the real betting world. Also, if you are serious about your betting career, it is a great idea to start from the demo games first.

Game layout

Hawaiian dreams have three reels, three rows, and five pay lines. You get Golden, Yellow, Red, Orange, and Green masks that pay twenty times more than your initial bet in a three-line bet. Orange and green masks pay only ten times, though. A white mask will pay four times on a three-reel game. Then there come the super seven rush red and the super seven rush blue options that will pay five times for three in a pay line.

Bonus points

There are plenty of upgrades and bonuses in the Hawaiian dreams. We already mentioned the super rush red or blue options for five times more than the usual pay, and it is the most common bonus in the Hawaiian dreams. Also, a sunset bonus will pay you fifty times for three reels in a Pay line.

Other bonus points

There is another viral bonus point where you get four re-spins, and if you land them successfully, three bikini babes will offer eight more free spins for free. It will increase your payout by many folds. Though, there is no jackpot option available in the Hawaiian dreams. You can take it as a backlog of the system, but the game already pays out very well. So, it was necessary to keep the balance intact among the players too.


According to the winning bets, you can win up to 140,000 pounds theoretically from a game of Hawaiian dreams. Also, the games are widely accessible and currently available in thirty-five countries. So, you will only need your computer and a net connection to earn millions a day and fulfill your Hawaiian dreams.

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