Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s Certification Tests


Exams for Microsoft certification are notoriously tricky. Taking them isn’t usually a lot of fun. People with years of expertise can’t answer the questions on the examinations because they delve into minutia. It’s tough to guess the answers because every question is a trick question of Microsoft certifications practice test.

As a result of this, how do you know what the exam will cover? That’s a frightening answer since you can’t. Regardless of how much you prepare, you will almost certainly be confronted with questions you have no previous knowledge of (more about this later). There’s some good news: most of the topics covered on an exam can be found in one spot.

Every exam that Microsoft gives has a description page, which Microsoft publishes.

AZ-104: Azure Administrator Associate, as an example, has a description like this:

When we have to study for an exam, here is where we start. The guide’s objectives are broken down into smaller ones. In paragraph form, each sub-objective lists a set of talents. I create an Excel spreadsheet or a OneNote table for each ability provided. This will serve as my study guide going forward. I check to see if I understand the specifics of each command on the list before moving on to the next one. Of course, this takes time and effort, but the alternative is to have no notion of what to study. You will be tested on abilities not listed on the website, but I have never failed an exam because I felt confident in my knowledge of the talents stated on the page and click here for info.

Secondly, locate top-notch study resources.

You’ll need top-notch study materials to succeed.

In my capacity as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I’m well-versed in gathering and determining which resources are the most beneficial for students. The following are my top three picks for Microsoft study guides:

Our access to the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) as a Certified Trainer means we have an advantage. We can also shine a light on the MOC’s high value in preparing for examinations. Microsoft Certified Curriculum Because it’s ready by industry experts and aligns with test objectives, MOC content can be included in approved Microsoft training programs. The MOC course content covers most of the ideas tested on the exam in detail. However, exam questions won’t be created a word for word from it. In the past, We’ve heard from students who swore that the MOC content didn’t cover a specific idea on the exam, only to discover that they’d forgotten about it or missed it entirely. It will come in handy if you have a list of skills handy for when this happens. The skillset serves as a guide for the content We write.

In the absence of a Microsoft Office Courses in Singapore course, numerous publications are available to serve as study guides. Publishers’ Study Guides. Make sure you’re purchasing a study guide from a reputable company when doing your research. MS Press includes study guides for the most popular exams (such as the SAT and the GRE), while APress contains guides for a wide range of exams, including the GRE. Moreover, many exam takers rely on illegal “brain dumps” to prepare for their exams. We won’t bore you with the details, but we strongly advise against using them. Most of these sites are infringing on Microsoft’s intellectual property rights, and if you are found using them, you could face stiff fines from Microsoft.


Microsoft Support is an underrated online resource for Microsoft test preparation (or MSDN for developers). As almost everything about Microsoft is published on TechNet and MSDN, you can be sure that any technical facts you could be interested in will be found there. TechNet does have the disadvantage of having thousands of pages dedicated to a single topic, making it difficult to find what you’re looking for. So, having a list of abilities becomes useful.

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