Everything You Need to Know About Earned Media


To promote their products companies often search for different methods to attract customers’ eye, among several marketing techniques earned media is one of the best way to promote your product with the audience to increase more sale.

What is earned media?

For promoting their product businesses spend a lot of money in print and television advertisement and in casting famous people. However in earned media unlike paid promotion the brand will be promoted by existing customers and journalists in their blogs, social media accounts and through referrals. They review the brand only if they are satisfied by the product and finds it effective. Such kind of promotion is the best way of promoting products because it will build trust in the audience towards your product therefore, they will more likely to buy the product.

What are the different medium of earned media?

Ask a local reporter to share a review about your brand on live news.

Ask a local news reporter to review about your brand on live news, Because almost everyone watch local news channels to know about current affairs in their city therefore in such a way when any news reporter review your product on their channel even only for one minute then your brand will attract the eye of many people or if your product meet the need of someone from the audience then they will immediately buy your product.

Ask a radio jockey to promote your brand.

There’s almost no one who doesn’t like radio, it is the medium of entertainment since when there has been no television or the internet and still it is popular. In one among every car or house you will listen the voice of a radio jockey sharing their experiences, passing funny jokes in between the songs therefore to promote your brand you can also ask your local radio station jockey to talk about your product or services and its benefits on their radio show. A radio jockey will promote your brand in an innovative way that can attract many people towards your product.

Immediately react on your competitors’ negative response towards your product.

If any of your competitor gives negative feedback about your brand than immediately react on it and give the reason to your audience about why they are saying that or talk with your competitor directly and request him to not say anything bad about their brand publicly, or report their tweet. Because if you do not react on it than it will badly effect the reputation of your company and brand.

Ask a magazine editor to write a review about your brand.

Ask a magazine editor to share positive review about your brand, if possible you can also present them your product and ask them to first use it and then write a review about what is their experience of using your company’s product. This is also the best approach to attract thousands of people to purchase your product.

Why is it important to use the medium of earned media to promote the product?

As day by day new companies and brands are launched, it becomes very difficult for the customers to choose the best product among them, therefore most of the people prefer those products which are positively reviewed by any renowned personality or by the existing customers of that product, because that will build trust in the people that the product they are going to buy is effective and will never harm them in any way that is why it is important for the companies to promote their brand through the medium of earned media.

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