Everything you need to know about air compressors


Air compressors are pneumatic devices that help to push more air than normal in cylinders. It is the primary understanding regarding air compressors. If you are a car driver or work in the repairing workshops, you know the machine. Mostly, the air compressors transform several forms of energy or kinetic energy of the air to potential energy by using fuel. Concentrating potential energy not only allows you to shove more product in a small space, but it is helpful for several works too. High flow air in the car engines, high flow oxygen to the patients in the critical care department is a must. Here in this article, we will discuss different types of air compressors and their usage.

Types of air compressors

You can divide air compressors according to their functions and displacement. First, let us know their classification based on pressure releasing. There are low-pressure compressors. It releases only ten bars or hundred and fifty pounds per square meter of pressure. These air compressors are good only in small sectors. Then comes the medium pressure air compressors. A medium pressure releasing air compressor can unleash up to sixty-nine bar or about a hundred fifty to one thousand pounds per square inch of space. High pressure releasing air compressors can unleash about sixty-nine bars or over a thousand pounds on a square inch of space. Apart from the pressure releasing capacity, the air compressors can have classification depending on their functions too.

According to functions

Reciprocating air compressors come in two varieties. The first one is the single-stage, and the other is the two-stage reciprocating air compressors. Then comes the rotary screw compressors, rotary vane compressors, scroll, turbo, and centrifugal compressors. You can also classify air compressors depending on the displacement variety. There are two types of displacement available in the market. One is the positive displacement. Positive displacement means a process where the container volume reduces after putting the air inside using pressure. Piston-type positive displacement is the most common variety of air compressors available nowadays.

Piston type compressors

Here we mainly use continuous and vigorous piston movement to push the air inside. Once the piston is downward, it indicates air suction. The piston comes up with air and keeps it in one direction. The piston method is a good process to maintain the one-way communication of air. Reciprocating air compressors use piston-type compressing to push the air inside. Single stages of reciprocating air compressors usually use up to five pounds of pressure per person square inch. Two layers of reciprocating air compressors can go up to one hundred pounds per square inch.

Dynamic displacement

Axial and centrifugal classes of air compressors use this technique. Here a spinning force transmits the kinetic energy to transform it into pressure. It is useful to provide centrifugal force to some experimental processes. All types of air compressors need a cooling mechanism. Energy form transformation generates high heat, and immediate cooling is a must process. Nowadays, Most of the Air compressors use a cooling water system as a cooling method. Air cooling and conditioning is another useful technique to reduce heat.

Uses of air compressors

Air compressors are an extremely useful tool to compress and push more air into the cylinder. We understand the urgency of compressed air nowadays more than ever with the global pandemic going on. Other than supplying to patients, we can use this compressed air to supply to the divers. High-pressure air tanks are a necessary element for the miners. Petroleum, coke refinement needs high-pressure air for the refining process.

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