Everything You Need to Know About A Concept Map


A concept map is an item that shows the relationship between different concepts. It is used to get intricate details on large scales. A study has shown that these maps help to create mental models. They also identify loopholes and gaps, making it easy to learn Science.

Concept maps are available in different forms like other tools. Dr. Novak created them, and he has promoted hierarchical order in the recent past. This order states that all connection lines should be linked with a phrase.

Below we discuss all you should know about concept maps.

Functions of A Concept Map

Some top roles of the concept map include;

  • They help to know more about a topic

First, it is advisable to begin with a concept before creating a map and later identifying the sub-topics. This means that you and your team must have enough information about these subjects.

  • They keep your thoughts in check.

You will have many ideas if you participate in a workshop session with your team. It might become hard to act on that massive jumble, but a concept map will make it more realistic.

This map will also give you an in-depth analysis of the subject.

  • Helps you to remember crucial information

Research has shown that you will remember crucial information by participating in visual learning.

A concept map enhances retention if you take time to know a particular topic.

  • It expounds on relationships.

One of the most significant advantages of a concept map is that it emphasizes relationships. These maps will show you ideas and the relationship between them.

This feature will enable you and your team to expound further on connections you did not know about.

Types of Concept Maps

As stated above, concept maps are available in different types. Below we discuss some top examples;

  1. Flowchart

You have probably come across the flowchart in your lifetime. However, only a few people know it is a concept map.

This chart shows the steps in a procedure while the arrows indicate the different choices taken. This feature is more like you choosing an adventure.

  1. Hierarchy Map

This is a type of concept map that indicates a particular order. An example can be found in your organization’s charts.

These charts show a person’s duty and superiority levels. A hierarchy map is used to know more about a system’s elements.

  1. Spider Map

This map is known as the spider map because it resembles a spider web. It begins with the core idea in the middle and branches to subtopics in a pattern.

It is also possible to branch your subtopics into lesser subtopics.

  1. System Map

A system map is the most challenging type of map. This is because it shows all parts of a map and their relation. The linking lines have a plus or minus to indicate the correlations.

They resemble webs, but you do not need to move them outwards.

Final Thoughts

A concept map is an item that lets you get more information about a subject. It pushes you to learn more about subtopics and keeps your thoughts organized.

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