Everything to Know When Designing a Home Theater



Are you looking for a better way to watch your movies and binge TV series?

A home theater can make your experience better — from the sound all the way down to the seating. You can watch movies and play your games on a bigger screen in a comfortable space. 

However, you need to dedicate a lot of time and money to make the best out of your home theater. Read on to know more about designing a home theater. 

Find A Dedicated Room

Find or build a room with enough space for your sound system, TV, and so on. Opt for a rectangular room for your home entertainment system, TV, or projector screen. Make sure that the room is away from the kitchen and noisy areas to reduce distractions. 

The fewer windows in the room, the better. With less light and reflective surfaces, you can concentrate on the movie. To have a better experience with the sound, make sure your walls are concrete or covered with drywall. 

Install a Surround Sound System

Most speaker systems provide certain sounds from specific areas in your listening environment. Go for speakers that you can hear the sound moving from one speaker to another. Surround sound systems have five full-range speakers with a low-range specialist. 

Keep all your speakers either 20 inches away from the wall or other speakers. Make sure you have at least one central speaker for projecting better quality for the dialogue. Don’t forget about the subwoofers, which produce the deep bass sounds from the movie. 

Have a Flexible Lighting System

Designing a home theater means having the ability to control your lights. A cinema light system should give power over the off, on, and graduate controls of the light. Add some soffits around the perimeter of the room. 

You can also place small recessed lights to shine downward onto your home theater seats. Be sure to place all the lights behind the seats to avoid degrading your viewing experience. Install dimmers to avoid watching a movie in complete darkness. 

Plan A Comfortable Viewing Area

Your home theater seating should be comfortable for you, your family, and guests. No one should suffer from having their view blocked by another person. Avoid placing your seating too close together or too far from either your TV or projector screen. 

Go for an Immersive Experience 

An essential part of any home theater is the high-definition projector or TV. Place your seats or TV are at eye-level height for the best view. Dedicate a wall with a clean background for your watching area. 

Everything to Know When Designing a Home Theater 

Home theaters are a great investment for your relaxation and entertainment. Make sure to keep these in mind when designing a home theater. Remember to find the right systems that match your room’s features, from the walls to windows. 

We hope you enjoyed our guide about designing home theaters! If you want to learn more about home theaters, consider checking out our other posts for more information. You may even find inspiration on what your home theater’s theme should be!

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