Everything that you must need to know about AVS 30


This device provides the most comprehensive power protection by protecting against overvoltages and under-voltage and power back surges and spike/surge prevention. It will avoid any damage to your electrical equipment that an unstable or unreliable power source could cause. Inadequate voltage has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to your electrical equipment. According to Business Week, power surges cause more than $26 billion in losses and damage each year in the United States. Power failures are the most common cause of business interruptions. You may not know this, but electrical surges and spikes account for 63 percent of all power interruptions. You must check AVS 30 price in Kenya around you before buying one.

Automatic Voltage Switches are a type of automatic voltage switch (AVS)

The Vol shield family of Voltage Switchers from Sollatek protects electrical and electronic equipment/appliances from damage caused by power fluctuations, notably under- and over-voltage levels that last for an extended period. When the mains power supply swings outside of present tolerances (often 190V and 260V), the Switcher automatically disconnects the power to your equipment to protect it.

Before reconnecting, the Switcher monitors the voltage for a brief time to confirm that the power has returned to normal. Additionally, a start-up delay period protects against power-back spikes, which are frequent after the resumption of control after a power outage or other interruption. Surge and spike protection are also included to ensure that the system is protected. To provide total protection, connect the Switcher to the mains and plug in your appliances. * Protection is provided via an automatic circuit interrupt.

The AVS30 is one of our most popular items, and for a good reason. Automatic Voltage Switcher (AVS) has a current rating of 30 amps (AVS30). Whenever the mains power falls outside of acceptable preset limits, the AVS will automatically shut down its connected equipment. When the mains power returns to normal, the AVS will immediately reconnect the equipment. Another problem is that electricity is not restored until after some time. This will prevent the appliance from being switched on and off repeatedly during variations and from being subjected to a considerable surge, which is typically observed when power is restored after a power outage. Reconnection occurs after a delay (referred to as the “start-up delay”) to maintain the stability of the mains. The start-up delay protects against power-back spikes by delaying the start of the computer. Sollatek avs 30 prices in Kenya may be slightly higher because this is the best quality product.

The following is essential information:

1. It can readily capture electricity up to 30 amps.

2. You can quickly complete the entire installation with direct wiring, which is highly dependable.

3. It is readily protected against difficult voltage situations, such as a loss of neutrality, which ensures that your products are completely safe at all times.

4. The product is protected against significant surges and spike events, which are the most critical aspects of the product’s life cycle.

5. The UI is entirely user-friendly, and the settings are fully customizable, allowing anyone to customize the parameters to their liking.

6. It can readily and precisely handle high inrush current, which is likely unachievable for the other goods available on the market at a similar price point.

7. There are many applications for refrigeration equipment, such as air conditioners and refrigeration equipment and generators, and homes and work environments. (Applicable to all types of home and industrial equipment)

8. In addition, the New Sollatek AVS30 Micro version includes upgraded features that allow the user to configure the delay time and monitor the current voltage level in real-time.

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