Essential Tools For Virtual Office


It is not easy working online when you have long been in the habit of sitting on your desks at your office. However, virtual offices are the new normal we have to adjust to. To make it easier for offices to operate online, several tools have been brought forward by many developers.

From recreating the physical office surroundings to finding ways to making complex tasks easier, these tools do it all. Below are all the essential tools, such as a PDF editor, you need for your virtual office.


It is no fun holding meetings where you are talking to a screen. Moreover, it gets difficult to find out the output if you are unable to know whether someone is listening or not. Therefore, Zoom is one of the essentials as it allows you to create meetings that facilitate both audio and video.

However, that is not all; you can screen share, annotate, and much more with zoom. In a nutshell, Zoom is that one place where you can conduct all sorts of meetings. Moreover, it keeps user safety in mind and gives several privacy adjustments to the host.


PDFs are a regular part of a virtual office as most of the paperwork is done through PDF. Many people find it difficult to work with PDFs which is why PDFSimpli makes it easier to handle your PDFs. Through the website, you can edit your PDFs and convert them from PDF to Word even.

The website is user-friendly and free for anyone to use. Since PDFs are universal, whether dealing with professional or educational work, PDF editors have become a regular part of our days.


Any professional arena cannot work with effective communication. Moreover, communication barriers are one of the most common reasons why many offices are unable to meet their end goals. Slack is one of such apps which help an organization maintain proper communication routes.

It is a channel-based messaging platform and allows you to create several channels according to different projects and other preferences. In addition to that, Slack can easily be integrated with Office 365 and Google Hangouts.


Since you are working online, all your data is on the web. Although the web is an amazing place to be, it isn’t entirely safe always. As a result, you need something that will protect your data and all that you do on the web.

NordVPN, a virtual private network, protects your data and internet connection from the threats of the web. It encrypts your data, protects your password, and automatically backs up your data.


Working in the pandemic has been a cause of stress for many of us, and while productivity is important, so is your mental health. It is essential that you take care of your mind and mental stability while working from a home office.

Calm is that app that will keep a check on your mental health. The app integrates exercises, stories to help you sleep, and other practices. The app can significantly bring down your stress levels and reduce your anxiety.

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