Essential Points to keep in mind before renting a luxury car in Dubai.


Dubai is a cosmopolitan that appeals to visitors from the entire planet because it has a magnificent skyline, fabulous restaurants and smooth yet spacious 14-lane-highways. Therefore, whenever you decide about a trip to Dubai the first step you must take is to find a luxury car. Since a premium car will offer you a stellar driving experience. One that will delight all your senses, giving you a cheerful feeling. Hence you should contact a luxury car rental in Dubai to hire a premium vehicle for your tours in the Emirate. Nevertheless, there are many perks of renting a luxury vehicle. For example, you can reach all your important venues in an incredible style. That is why in this post we are mentioning the essential points to keep in mind before renting a luxury car in Dubai.

Reach out to a Right Company for Luxury car rental in Dubai

Reaching out to the right company to rent a premium vehicle should be your first priority. Find the rental service providers who are running their companies for a longer time. Therefore, a firm that has been operating its business for several years is tremendously reliable and trustable. Usually, a company providing its services in the market for three to four years has adequate standards. Hence you can give it a try. To find out the right car rental company, you can do a search on the internet. Moreover, you can find a noteworthy company by word of mouth. You can ask a friend or colleague about the rental service they tried the last time they visited Dubai. Then you can make a list of these companies and contact them one by one to find out the ones that provide the best service.

Rent a car with a driver in Dubai from Web-based Vehicle Rental

There are many perks of renting vehicles from online platforms. Since you can do it with a minimum effort without the hassle of visiting any car rental office physically. Plus, a car with a chauffeur facility is always much helpful because you won’t have to search maps to find out places in unfamiliar regions. So, start by choosing the automobile with the driver from the company’s website you have selected from the previous step. After making the selection you can proceed to the online reservation page. There you must provide your banking credentials to hire the car. Soon afterwards your premium car will be dropped at your desired location. When you have received your vehicle, a transaction will be made with your account to deduct the complete rent.

Come Prepared with the Documents for Luxury car rental in Dubai

According to the Dubai authority’s rules, every driver must adhere to the laws. They have to provide important documents to the car rental firms before they can hire a vehicle. Therefore you must submit the following documents to rent the luxury vehicle:

  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Emirates ID (If you are a Dubai’s national)
  • Emirates Drivers License ( If you are a Dubai’s national )
  • International Driving License (If you are not a national or don’t possess the driving licenses from the countries accepted by RTA)

You have to upload the above documents on the car rental website, one time only. So they can keep them in their records. Hence you can hire a car from them at any other given time as well. They will have to fetch your data from their database to rent you a car. Remember the minimum age for renting a premium car is 21 years therefore you must be of the right age to hire a car.

Insurance and Deposit Policies of the Car Rental Service

There are three types of insurance coverage that vehicle rental services provide.

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Comprehensive
  • Liability Insurance

Therefore, if you have insurance from your credit card or you have registered for an auto insurance, you must not opt for it in your rental plan. To hire a car for driving by yourself or to rent a car with driver in Dubai you must pay the deposits that are deducted as security which almost all car rentals include their rent. This fee is given back to the renter when the rental tenure is over. However, you must find out from the car rental company about any further prices that they may charge from this fee. Also inquire them about what will be the refunding time? After finding out the points you must keep in mind before renting a premium car, you might be considering finding a perfect company to rent a car in Dubai.

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