Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention


One of the common disorders that men of all ages face is erectile dysfunction. The condition is caused by various factors: from hereditary predisposition to congenital anomalies in the structure of the penis. 

Due to erectile dysfunction, a man cannot lead a full sex life, his reproductive status gets impaired, and psychological problems arise. If the weakening of potency is not an episodic case, but a regularly recurring condition, you need to consult a doctor and undergo an examination.


Clinical manifestations of erectile dysfunction are specific, so doctors do not have any difficulties with differential (comparative) diagnostics. The following signs indicate:

  • Decreased or complete absence of sex drive.
  • Inability to control ejaculation.
  • Weakening of an erection during intimacy.
  • The lethargy of the penis, its inability to accept an excited state, sufficient for intercourse.
  • Reduced sensitivity during intimacy.

Erectile dysfunction is not always impotence: too long stay of the penis in an excited state is also pathology. Priapism, as the disease is called, is accompanied by discomfort in the genitals. 


Factors causing erectile dysfunction are inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs, improper diet, bad habits, addiction, and chronic intoxication. While at the doctor’s appointment, you need to inform about previous and existing diseases. 

For example, if you had spent time previously in an alcohol rehab center, inform your doctor. It will allow him/her to quickly establish a causal relationship, to prescribe the optimal amount of examination and treatment.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

The development of diseases of the genital organs is preceded by infection with pathogenic microflora. This often happens during unprotected intimacy. Signs of sexually transmitted infections:

  • Burning sensation in the urethra during urine discharge.
  • The general state of intoxication, which is manifested by a weakening of appetite, insomnia, and difficulties in adopting a comfortable body position.
  • The appearance of purulent, cheesy, frothy discharge from the urethra. The secretion has a pungent smell.
  • Itching in the urogenital tract

The pathogenic microflora that causes sexually transmitted infections adversely affects the condition of the prostate gland. One of the primary signs of a violation of the functional ability of an organ is a weakening of an erection. 

To normalize the state of potency and restore reproductive capacity, you need to eliminate venereal disease. Treatment is carried out both on an outpatient basis and in a hospital department.


Prostatitis is acute and chronic: if the pathology is not eliminated at an early stage of development, it takes a protracted form. It has the following symptoms:

  • Pain and irritation while urinating
  • Lumbosacral backache
  • A sluggish stream during urination. 
  • The need to tighten the abdominal muscles to completely empty the bladder.
  • Increase in body temperature (in acute inflammation, hyperthermia reaches high limits).
  • Irritability, depression, insomnia, and mood swings
  • Involuntary discharge of urine, which causes significant psychological problems.

Violation Of Blood Circulation In The Pelvic Cavity

The impaired blood supply to the penis and prostate gland is promoted by obesity, physical inactivity, atherosclerosis of the veins, and arteries of the small pelvis. For a long time, the patient may not be aware of the presence of circulatory problems.

Psychological Trauma

If the patient has previously encountered stressful situations associated with intimate life, problems with potency may arise. Erectile dysfunction is a common consequence of a bad sexual experience.  

To get rid of this type of erectile dysfunction, the patient does not need to administer medications or undergo surgery. You only need a visit to a psychologist.

Abuse Of Potency Stimulants

If before each sexual intercourse a man takes drugs to ensure a full erection, soon the body develops addiction. Potency stimulants adversely affect prostate function. 

Therefore, the body produces insufficient testosterone, hormonal imbalance occurs.  To restore potency, you need to determine the cause of the deterioration in sexual health and eliminate it. 

Consuming Sports Nutrition

When planning to improve their physical condition, men increase the effectiveness of their workouts by taking various supplements. However, sports nutrition contains components that have an adverse effect on the state of hormonal levels. 

Decreased testosterone levels in the blood contribute to erectile dysfunction. Problems with potency occur in men who use sports nutrition regularly and for a long time (mainly, 4-5 months in a row). The most common complication in the form of erectile dysfunction occurs after taking stimulants of muscle fiber growth.


Excessive physical and psychological stress adversely affects the state of the brain. Therefore, the organ of the central nervous system does not produce hormonal substances necessary for the full activity of the prostate gland. To normalize sexual health, it is enough for the patient to fully relax – physically and psychologically.


A strict diet or complete refusal to eat will eventually lead to nutritional deficiencies in the body. Hypovitaminosis is a favorable condition for prostate dysfunction: the organ does not receive enough blood. Also, due to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, the perineum and the pelvic cavity get affected. 

Together, these factors cause erectile dysfunction. Timely normalization of the quality of nutrition helps prevent the lack of useful components in the body.

Taking Various Medications

Erectile dysfunction is one of the complications of prolonged, uncontrolled medication use. Potency problems are listed as a possible side effect of drugs taken to improve mental health. 

These medicines include antidepressants, sedatives, and tranquilizers. In 90% of clinical cases, to restore the state of sexual health, it is enough to stop using the drugs of the listed types.


To avoid erectile dysfunction and maintain the activity of the genitals in full condition, you should:

  • Refuse alcohol abuse, uncontrolled intake of psychogenic drugs, and unjustified use of sports nutrition.
  • Avoid frequent use of drugs that stimulate the appearance of libido.
  • Do not enter into intimacy with a new partner without using a condom.
  • Prevent hypothermia of the body.
  • Distance from sources of toxic effects.
  • Perform hygiene procedures promptly and thoroughly.
  • Do not overwork; correctly alternate work and rest.
  • Lead an active lifestyle, avoid physical inactivity.

Summing Up

Erectile dysfunction is a weakening or an increase in potency. The disorder arises in response to a disease present in the body due to an inappropriate lifestyle. If there are problems with sexual health, a man should consult an urologist. Taking into account the identified root cause of erectile dysfunction, treatment involves the introduction of medications, an operation, or consultation with a psychologist.  If you need consult an urologist then click marking point.

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