International outsourcing software development company Chudovo specializes in video security, logistics, and medicine and finance industries. Since 2006, they have successfully completed hundreds of projects in these areas, requiring hundreds of man-years of effort.

In contrast to hardware, achieving reliable software is much harder. This is because the complexity of software increases exponentially as it grows, making the corresponding fault tolerance even more difficult to achieve.

The failure rate of a system containing software is highly dependent on its development process, number of bugs and defects found during testing. It is also affected by the quality of configuration management, risk management and development processes, as well as the underlying system design.


Scalable software is a must for any business that plans to grow. It will allow you to adapt to changes in the market without having to create new products or services.

It also makes your team more productive. A scalable app will be able to handle a surge in user requests without slowing down or even crashing.

As a result, it will keep your customers happy and give you the advantage over competitors.

In order to build scalable tech, engineers need to have the right tools and team processes in place. That means implementing best practices for monitoring and logging workloads, setting up circuit breakers and controls to limit data access, and putting tech training and playbooks in place to handle mistakes or outages.

Having a scalable system will not only help you grow but it will also be more flexible and cost-effective in the long run. It will be a great addition to your business’s future success.


The cost of software development is influenced by a number of factors. Among these are project complexity, functionality, and security requirements.

The costs of software development can also be impacted by the skills and expertise required to complete a specific project. Often, these skills require specialized training and professional compensation.

When deciding which in-house or outsourcing software development team is best for your business, you need to understand the cost drivers that can affect your software investment.

In order to carry out this analysis, you need a robust framework that considers the costs and benefits of your investment. You also need a clear understanding of the metrics that you’ll use to measure those costs and benefits.


Software flexibility is the ability to change or adjust functionality without losing any of its functionality. This can be particularly useful if requirements or customer desires change over time.

Often, developers will make software more flexible in order to increase the amount of reuse that can be achieved. This can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing if the extra flexibility is not chosen with care.

Chudovo has been developing software solutions for a wide range of clients since 2006. Their domain expertise includes video security, logistics, medicine and finance. Their countless man-years of experience have resulted in successful projects.


Chudovo has a strong team of experts who have extensive experience working on projects in related domains, such as logistics, medicine and finance. They are highly skilled at project management and deliver work on time. Their expertise also enables them to efficiently handle complex tasks, which makes it easier for the client to get the results they need.


For example, they have developed a customer relationship management system for a German political party that has been in the Bundestag until 2014. The project included several desktop applications and web apps for the staff of the political party as well as a reliable MS SQL database. They also streamlined workflow and communication, addressing issues and creating solutions in a timely manner. The team used agile methodologies to effectively manage the project, including two-week sprints and for project management.

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