Enjoy Life With YouTube Vanced, the adVanced version of YouTube


If you are reading this, it is imperative that you have heard about YouTube and used it as well. From information to learning to education as well as news, YouTube has become our main primary go-to the source. But we as a user can also identify some aspects which we may not like in YouTube. But now imagine a pro version of YouTube but without ads prompting in between your entertainment. 

Yes, YouTube Vanced is on the rescue. YouTube Vanced is a modded version of YouTube with the number of advancements done. With several cool and advanced features, YouTube Vanced is gaining popularity on an exponential scale. 

Features of YouTube Vanced

  • Background playback feature

One of the biggest problem while playing YouTube video is you cannot change the background of the video as soon as you move out of the app, the video which is playing stops immediately. But with YouTube Vanced you can play the audio or music in the background and save your battery life. This feature helps you to treat YouTube as an audio playing app as well. You can now play your favourite song or Ted Talk and put your headphones on without having to keep your screen on all the time. This is one of the Star features of YouTube Vanced which grab everyone’s attention.

  • Dark themes

YouTube Vanced gives you the liberty to change the theme of your YouTube interface into Tu To dark or light themes.

  • Ad blockers

Imagine you are playing your favourite music or watching a video and suddenly you are interrupted with ads. And now all we can think about us when we can skip the ad. But with auto adblocking in YouTube Vanced, you can save yourself from the trouble of getting annoyed or waste off your mobile data while playing something. This feature saves time and your data much efficiently.

  • Forced resolution

This feature enables your control over deciding the video quality. This feature allows you to get the best video quality in any smartphone without having to be in a Wi-Fi area. You can override the maximum resolution as well if you wish to amplify the perfect experience. Furthermore, Vanced gives you the option to save the folder in MP3 or MP4, this makes everyone be catered for. You can choose your favorite resolution and enjoy using it!

  • Swipe control

This feature will allow you to swipe up and down or make any gesture to control the brightness or contrast and volume of a particular video while playing. This feature works while your phone is on a landscape mode.

  • Picture in picture

Picture in Picture mode allows you to play your video while using another app. The video which you are watching take a smaller window, and you can make your notes or do anything on your screen at the time.

  • Double-tap to seek

Double-tap to seek allows you to control the speed of playback. With one double tab, you can Trigger the video forward by a few seconds or backward according to your wish.

YouTube Vanced allows you to experience the best version of YouTube. The main motive of YouTube Vanced to give the ultimate user support and experience.

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