Emergency Electrician:  Factors Affecting Cost

An emergency electrician Sydney is available when an electrical emergency occurs.  Generally, if they are called after the hours that a regular electrician will work and weekends, but it can occur at any time.  An electrical emergency can be described as an incident that can create an unsafe situation in your business or home or can halt normal business operations.

When such a situation arrives, you want to get a quick fix to the problem.  This is when you call a 24-hour electrician to fix the problem.  They are the ones that can handle electrician emergencies.  They can work in commercial, industrial, or residential.

Types of electrical emergencies

  • Power outages and blackouts
  • Furnace shut down
  • Panel issues and tripping circuit breakers
  • Flickering or faulty lighting system
  • Short circuits and blowing fuses
  • Cracked or exposed service wire.
  • Outside lights that malfunction
  • Suspicious burning fuse smells
  • Alarm disconnection
  • Sparking
  • Storm electrical damage
  • Emergency rewiring needs

Factors that impact the cost

When you hire an emergency electrician Sydney, their fees are going to be more expensive.

  • The distance they have to travel—what their final bill will be is decided by their hourly rate, call-out fee, and how far the electrician has to travel to the business or resident. Some charge a flat fee or so much per mile.
  • Level of licensing—generally the rate they charge per hour depends on their level of licensing. There are licensing grades for journeyman, apprentice, and master.  Each of these electricians requires more extensive training, experience, testing, and knowledge.
  • Extent and accessibility of the emergency project—there are some emergency projects that do not take that much time to fix. Some are also easier to get to.  Although you may have to pay the minimum charge the total hourly billing will be lower.

Other things that might affect the bill of a 24-hour electrician in which state and locale the emergency is located as each one has its licensing costs, insurance requirements, code/regulatory burden, and tax rates.  It can also depend on whether it is Commercial Electricians Newcastle or residential.

Do you need to call an emergency electrician?

Sometimes it is hard to decide if it is an emergency or can wait until the next day.  One way to decide is if the issue is causing problems around your business or home.  If it could cause a fire or disrupts your business working, then it could be considered an emergency.


There is very little anyone can do without electricity, especially a business.  When you call an emergency electrician Sydney, they will come out at short notice.  You do not need to make an appointment to get the services of an emergency electrician.  They are available 24/7 for both commercial and residential emergencies.

If you have an electrical emergency, you should turn off the electrical power at the main box if possible so no fire starts.  When hiring an emergency electrician, make sure that they are licensed and fully insured.  They should also have experience in residential or Commercial Electricians Newcastle.

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