Email marketing still rules


One of the most difficult tasks that every B2B entrepreneur faces is where to find and how to get premium clients. Taking into consideration the today’s market situation, everything is about having a good email list with contact details of the right decision makers. After all that is what all marketing gurus teach – how to build a profitable sales funnel or how to create a stunning lead magnet by a landing page. But the final purpose is still the same – to get the b2b email marketing of the potential prospect and turn them from a cold lead into a loyal customer. Based on a recent research, a small marketing company spent hundreds of dollars on social media marketing and ended up with an email list of close to one thousand prospects, 30% of them unsubscribed with the time and only 20 of the remaining 700 became clients, which made the task to make both ends meet extremely difficult.

But their business changed totally when in the beginning of 2020 they tried a different approach, i.e. to buy an email list from a professional email marketing company generated via LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. Today they send newsletter only once a week via MailChimp and the result already 10 months in a row is a five figures number. By using mail tester you can allows to automate email collection and prevent bad emails.

The main conclusion is that the B2B entrepreneurs shouldn’t waste their time and money reinventing the wheel (i.e. putting their brain in the whirlpool of complicated programs for lead generation that take hundreds of hours to master) when the target outcome is still the same – building of a targeted email list of UK top decision makers for example, which they can buy at a very reasonable price and obtain the freedom to concentrate on the scope of their expertise.

Author: London Business Leads

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