Egg donation in European countries – Denmark, Holland, Cyprus


The egg donation procedure takes place in Cyprus. Also, this procedure is entirely legal and there is nothing to worry about the documentation as everything is authentic. Moreover, the staff can easily use the egg cells from an unknown donor and can also choose a woman aged under 30 without any genetic issues. For safety concerns, the clinic staff examines the anonymous donors. Importantly, the phenotype of the anonymous donor must be similar to the phenotype of the customer.


  • The extremely high overall cost
  • Analysis
  • Drug treatment
  • Accommodation
  • Pre-imolamatarion genetic diagnosis

These above-mentioned elements need treatment which increases the overall cost of the procedure.

Egg donation in the Netherlands / Holland

The people in the Netherlands surely have to travel to the neighboring countries to get the egg donors which is a hectic process. Apart from that, the reason why people have to travel so far is because of the weak development of reproductive technologies in the country. An eizellenspende in Holland is a convenient way to get the egg donation with surrogacy process done.

Egg donation in Denmark

Egg donation is allowed in Denmark to some extent. However, there are some restrictions regarding egg donation in Denmark. For instance, the embryos and egg cells are cryopreserved for a year. However, when the time comes to using the donor eggs, the price of the eggs increases significantly to $59,000. Besides that, it is not easy to get a surrogacy service in the country because for that you need to take permission from a special commission. Each treatment demands extra money.

Egg donation in Ukraine

In Ukraine, egg donation is allowed completely. Moreover, the legislation completely allows the entire procedure to a great extent. Besides that, some clinics in Ukraine have their donor bank which makes the procedure convenient for them. Even more, Ukraine clinics run international programs that include the following:

  • A complete examination of the couple at their residence, final preparation for the embryo transfer
  • Transportation Of the male biomaterial from the place of residence to Ukraine
  • The customer selects the egg donor and the creation of the embryo takes place using the egg cell from the donor
  • Afterward, the transport of the embryo takes place to the couple’s place, and then it is transferred to the uterine cavity.

The Ukraine clinic also provides a hotel or apartment for the customers who visit the Ukraine for the IVF treatment along with the donor eggs. Besides, the diet is also included in the program

Surrogacy in the US

Surrogacy in the US is way more expensive than in other countries like Ukraine. However, if you plan to get this service from the US (most known as leihmutter in USA) then apart from paying extra money, you also need to pay an additional amount that includes different services. Aside from that, these services include medical examination, medicines, and legal assistance. We should note that this service has good quality of medicine but is expensive.

Moreover, reproductive medicines truly have a very high standard in the US. Furthermore, the most important fact about surrogacy in the US is that the child born through surrogacy in the US has citizenship to the country.

Even more, there are some restrictions in the country too. Additionally, the IVF procedure is not always successful. You have to pay the complete amount but only a few attempts are made to make the pregnancy happen. If these few attempts do not make you pregnant, then you are supposed to pay again. Thus, if a cesarean is required for the baby to arrive in the world, then the prices even double which makes a long bill.

Also, the fescov Reproductive Group has a special program for the people who want birth to take place in the US. This special program is known as a guaranteed program that is born in the USA.

Additionally, this program includes the cost of the following:

  • IVF treatment
  • The fee of the surrogate mother
  • Medical surveillance
  • Transfer of the surrogate mother to USA clinics to carry on with the further procedure.

Moreover, reproductive technology in Ukraine is not less than in the USA. Besides that, the legislation understands the rights of the biological parents and does justice.

Additionally, you can even contact the counselor to ask for more information about the service.

Apart from that, surrogacy services are extremely good in the USA but the prices are very high due to which people cannot afford to go to countries where surrogacy is cheaper.

In addition to this, there are different laws when it comes to surrogacy because it is legal in some countries while illegal in other countries. However, surrogacy is permitted with a few restrictions in some countries.

Final conclusions

Surrogacy is different in different countries. Moreover, it is important to understand different procedures in different countries. Besides, different countries have different prices. If you opt for surrogacy from the USA, the prices are higher while if you opt for surrogacy in Ukraine then the prices are way lower as compared to the prices of surrogacy in the USA.

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