Effective football betting strategies that surely enhance your winning probability


Gambling strategies in gambling are methods to make a profit and win more or less consistently in betting. After all, the tactics of the chaotic game, which novice players often use, call into question the chance of making a profit from placed bets.

The need to apply a football betting strategy when it comes to analyzing the term bet is necessary. You can be aware that Web football betting(เว็บแทงบอล) has increased gradually.

Types of strategies

We will present you some football betting strategies that are worth implementing and help to do Betting on football(แทงบอล) efficiently. Whether they are effective or not, outdated or not, new or not – it’s up to you.

Strategic betting on the result

Betting the football match is the most intelligible and accessible method for new bettors fighting against bookmakers. This was one of the few ways to win every time sporting events took place from the beginning of sports betting.

To understand how to bet on the result of a match according to the appropriate strategy, we will indicate the results of football sporting events:

P1 – the victory of team one or host team.

P2 – the victory of team two or guest team.


You can bet on any of these results, or you can choose another exciting option – a double result (this strategy is also popular in football.)

Fixed profit bets

The fixed profit strategy is very similar to the flat stake strategy. The difference in tactics is that:

– Flat Stake – refers to determining the rate as a percentage of the budget. A certain percentage of the initial investment value is allocated for each match (1%, 2%, 3%). And the gain will depend on the coefficient.

– A fixed profit is focused on a certain amount of earnings. But the amount of the bet changes every time to get this profit.

Players rarely use the fixed profit betting strategy in football. Although to diversify sports betting and have a different experience, it is pretty suitable.

Draw bets

Betting on a draw or against a draw is unfairly famous. This is because most bettors do not like to bet on the result of X, which is the result of a somewhat “slow” match. But if you are not influenced by emotions and think logically, betting on a football draw is an exciting and profitable strategy.

Everyone knows that predicting a draw is difficult, especially for bookmakers analysts, who often do not have enough time to pay special attention to all sporting events. Therefore, bets on draws often have inflated coefficients – usually no less than 3, often greater than 5-6. And this takes into account the fact that draws occur in 25% of football matches. Therefore, from the point of view of the predictor, the bet on a draw (in a football match) can provide an excellent long-term income.

Draw bet – using lost bet tracking

The lost betting tracking system is used everywhere, and bets on the draw are no exception. However, football match statistics show that it is dangerous to track lost bets to recover losses.

  1. First of all, you can easily reach a series of matches that end with any result, but equal. In this case, the budget will not be large enough to bet continuously.
  2. Second, the return on a long-term betting method is about a quarter of the investment. Not much, given the high risk of wasting the budget.

However, players who place the bet on the draw without carefully selecting the championships, matches, and teams get good results by applying the loss tracking tactic.

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