E-Signature Solutions: Helping the Healthcare Industry


Significant changes are going on in the healthcare industry that is observable. Numerous factors are putting a lot of pressure on this industry. The main factor is to improve the patient satisfaction, privacy, increase compliance, and work processes. 

To build a national health infrastructure, there is a movement going on called the “HITECH Act.” This program aims to enhance patient care, prevent errors, reduce costs, and the misplacement and loss of records. 

Healthcare workers must always rely on complete and correct medical records. It will automatically help them to provide effective and best health care. Physicians and healthcare practitioners are searching for a mode to get more engaged. They all are mainly focused on improving the outdated and expensive paper business processes. 

Healthcare providers can get the E-Signature solutions that provide the best privacy and security in this industry. It will help them to meet the basic requirements. There is a wide variety of digital signature solutions to choose from. All of these are highly reliable and come with several great benefits.

Benefits of using Digital Signature Solutions for Healthcare Companies

No More Stress between Patients and Paperwork

Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff have to work for a long time to complete the medical paperwork, which is very inconvenient in their busy schedules. Depending upon the Medical Economics, 44 percent of medical workers find that administrative tasks and paperwork slow them down. 

An E-Signature solution for healthcare providers to reduce the paperwork so that the medical staff can focus more on patient care by enabling:

  • Digital sharing and approval of paperwork across several different departments. 
  • Easy management of newly hired staff members. 
  • Smooth management of prescriptions, onboarding, discharge, and medical records. 
  • Efficient collection of approvals on medical agreements and staff training. 

A digital signature solution for healthcare companies have a user-friendly and engaging user interface, so it does not interrupt the doctor’s essential work. To make the shift to digital signatures smoother, healthcare professionals have to be more engaging towards it. 


As the digital signatures allow the patients to submit their forms virtually, hospitals can ensure that the documents submitted are legal and all the necessary information is there. 

As soon as the professional opens the document, the digital signature maker will show the user all the necessary fields that they have to fill out. In some cases, you will also get an email notification once the patient has filled out the entire form. 


You can collect and create digital signatures for your essential documents quicker than ever before. This will allow the patients to complete the forms digitally, from anywhere. 

The method of creating a digital submission form is very straightforward, and you just have to create and upload the form to any particular digital signature solution, make the necessary fields fillable, and then provide those links to the patients so that they can fill and submit the form digitally through the internet, whether you are at home or on the go. 

Digitally Signing the Medical Reports

Patients always receive medical reports from health professionals regarding their overall health. These medical reports are very crucial for them, as the health professionals have mentioned some crucial decisions for them. 

Doctors and physicians can adapt any of the digital signature solutions to sign the patient’s medical reports digitally. Receiving a full signature verified document is necessary for both parties before you make any further steps. 

When you will sign those documents digitally, it will make sure that both the doctors and patients are involved, and they can easily access that form through any internet-connected device. 


The US government gave digital signatures legal equivalence to the handwritten ones in 2000 through the ESIGN Act. Since then, numerous consent forms, billing forms, hospital forms, and patient onboardings are signed using the digital signature solution all across the world. 

For example, eSign Genie is a digital signature solution that offers effective security with SOC 2 Type II, which assures that this service will meet all the industry standards for security, confidentiality, integrity, processing, privacy, and availability of a system. 

Once the document is completed and submitted, it will be stored in the eSign Genie account, from where only you will have access to the document that you can either print, email, or share with someone from any device with an internet connection. 

Save Money

Several healthcare professionals use digital signature solutions to shift from ineffective paper-based solutions to dully digital processes. You can save your money on paper and all the related items by reducing physical forms and documents’ financial stress. 

For instance, let’s assume that there is a 20 person company, who signs 600 documents per month, which means every worker sign one document per day. The organization manually files 300 documents, around 50 percent of documents, and scanning 300 more documents. 

According to the ROI calculator, the organization can save up to $10,000 every year on the paper-based costs by using a digital signature solution. 

HIPAA Compliant Electronic Signature

You must use a digital signature solution that is HIPAA compliant, with this they can help the hospitals to meet the compliance requirements in the overall healthcare industry, including medical equipment manufacturers, health plans, pharmaceutical providers, and organizations by managing the entire signing process and making sure that all the information entered is correct and is kept secure. 

You can get correct client data, improve the document management, and save time and money by making sure that all the documents are collected and stored in a safe place. You can make the shift to electronic signatures right away and check whether it is good for your business or not. 


In the healthcare industry, organizations can’t afford to waste their crucial time and money on lengthy manual processes like mailing or faxing. Also, health professionals cannot delay the treatment because of completing the entire paperwork. 

In such a case, Electronic signatures can benefit companies in several different ways. It enables the interaction with the patient from all across the world while staying compliant, private, and secure. 

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