Drake Bet Over $1B in Internet Gambling Since December 2021


If you thought Drake was only famous for his crowd-appealing music, you are wrong. The renowned Canadian rapper, singer, and actor have multiple ways of earning. Recently, he found another line of income that could change his fortunes overnight.

Some fans were surprised in January that he actually wagered $200k for a spin on online roulette, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The latest news reveals that the rapper’s net worth is almost hitting $225 million. No wonder he can afford to easily wager $200k a spin. The trending video on social media platforms reveals this story.

There is a new development, though – the trending video was posted by the rapper himself on his Instagram page. It captures him playing online roulette from his home in Toronto, Canada. His prediction was so accurate that he shouted when he won.

Drake, the god of the Toronto rap scene, has deep pockets

The 6 God title catalyzed Drake’s rise to stardom and his net worth quickly soured. Now with deep pockets, he developed an itch for wagering and he has already set the wheels rolling for 2022.

He is known as a frequent guest in casinos engaging in high-stakes wagering, although they don’t always favor him. Drake has an eye on roulette, sports betting, and blackjack and he rolls high. Drake will not hesitate to wager over $200,000 in online casinos per night.

Over $1 billion in bets in under two months

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, the Canadian government took strict measures to curb the spread, and casinos were adversely affected. Many gamblers like Drake turned to online casinos to try out a new way of wagering.

Drake registered an account with an online casino on December 28, 2021, and since then, he has not stopped wagering high stakes. Recently, he uploaded clips on his Instagram page showing his wins of between $354,000 to $7 million on online roulette.

Without counting his investment in forex trading and other fields, Drake has gambled more than $1 billion between late December and early February. That’s about one and half months since he opened his online casino account in December.

Drake is taking gambling to a whole new level after he recently bought a roulette table to make sure wagering doesn’t stop. The rapper is fond of posting video clips of his wins to show off his wagering skills and the enticing results he gets.

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