Dota 2 Tournaments and Popular Events


The reputation of Dota 2 betting has found reflection in different matches and proceedings hosted by various organizations. These events allow the greatest eSports performers and teams to compete with each other. With huge rewards at stake, the tournaments often turn into an exciting show for participants and Dota fans.

At, you can find the information of multiple tournaments presented for eSports alike Dota 2. The International is considered to be the most popular one. No wonder that its prize pool reaches up to $30 million. If it sounds interesting, you may find out even more information on Dota 2 competitive world below.

The Bets on Dota 2 Tournaments

The video gaming community has the calendar with the upcoming events. You can find it in public access. Once you find something suitable there, you should choose a kind of bet to place.


You can put your cash on the group that you reason will most likely victory the match. Simple as it can be! No wonder that it is considered to be the most popular type of bet. If you are worried about a potential draw, you shouldn’t. This chance is very low as all matches are developed as best-of-three or best-of-five events.

Over/under betting

In the over/under betting, you focus on a score under 2.5. It resources that you gather a payout if the total of the match is 2 or less. If you focus on a score above 2.5, you will win if a score grows up to 3 points by the finish of the game.

Kills advantage

In Dota 2 betting, you can bet on the supremacy of one squad over the extra. For instance, a bookie will provide Team A with -3.5. It means that the team will have a 3.5 kills difficulty compared to the former team at the beginning of the match or the map. If you decide to bet on Team A, you are supposed to victory by four slaughters or more. If you bet on the Squad with +3.5, you can get a payout if it wins or if it does not drop by more than 4 kills.

Total or team kills

You can focus on the whole kills that a player or a group can gather after a competition. If you place your money on more than 51.5 Over-all kills, you can get a good expenditure if the final number of kills for both sides reaches 52 or overhead.

Start Betting on Dota 2 in Real Money

Betting on Dota 2 competitions has high risks. Similar to other procedures of gambling, staking on Dota 2 does not promise you a 100% payout. But if you victory your bet, you can get a profitable payout depending on the chances and bet value you have located.

Learn about Dota 2 betting odds

Dota 2 betting is based on odds determined by bookmakers. Dota 2 odds are showed in different arrangements. For example, Team A has winning odds of 1.50 and Team B has winning odds of 3.00. The inferior the odds are, the higher the chance of success is. So, if you wager $100 for Squad with odds of 1.50, you will get around $150 to your pocket. This is how odds can help you analyze the market situation and make the most accurate forecasts. Although they are not always 100% truthful, they still happen to be an important source of knowledge for bettors.

Set up a budget

When you are about to get deeper into the Dota 2 betting world, you need set up your monthly and annual budget. For instance, if you have $200 for betting, you should stay within this limit no matter what. This is the maximum sum of money that you are allowed to spend and lose.

Place your bets in a well-trusted bookmaker

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, your success is highly dependent on the bookmaker. It must offer a amusing combination of safety, diversity, and financial profitability. It also must offer reasonable odds that give you real chances of earning extra money. With a good bookmaker, your adventure in Dota 2 betting will be delightful.

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