Does Your Bike Insurance Pay for Damages from an Earthquake?


While earthquakes are a rare phenomenon, they do happen once in a while. So, you must know the scope of your bike insurance coverage if your bike is damaged in an earthquake. Check this post to find out in detail.

Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that no one can predict. Therefore, it’s wise to take adequate precautions and insurance coverage to stay financially protected in the event of an earthquake. The same is true for bike insurance. A right two-wheeler insurance cover can provide financial protection if your bike is damaged in an earthquake.

What Type of Bike Insurance Plan Covers Earthquake Damages?

For the uninitiated, you must have third-party bike insurance as it’s a statutory requirement in India. But, these are the liability-only plans that only cover the damages caused by your vehicle to a third party involved in an accident. So, it’s needless to state that these plans won’t cover the damages caused to your bike due to an earthquake or any other factor.

Therefore, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance can be a much better option. It protects the policyholder against third-party liabilities and any damage caused to the insured vehicle. So, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance cover damages caused to your bike in an earthquake or any other natural calamity.

Moreover, you can easily purchase or renew comprehensive two-wheeler insurance online by visiting the insurance provider’s official website.

Two-wheeler Insurance Add-ons for Extra Protection from Earthquakes

You can include optional add-ons to your two-wheeler insurance cover by paying an extra premium for each one of them. Some of these add-ons can significantly increase the scope of your comprehensive bike insurance plan.

  • Return to Invoice

This can be a useful add-on, especially in devastating situations like earthquakes. Typically, if the repair cost of a bike exceeds 75% of the IDV (Insured Declared Value), it is considered a Total Loss or Constructive Total Loss. In these scenarios, the policyholder gets the IDV per the IRDA guidelines instead of the repair cost. With the Return to Invoice cover, the insurance company pays the purchase invoice price to the policyholder, which is more than the IDV.

  • Consumable Cover

Consumable items like screws, nuts and bolts, engine oil, fuel filter, and brake oil are not usually covered under comprehensive bike insurance. They can significantly add to your bike’s repairing or servicing bill. Therefore, consider taking a consumable cover add-on to cover all these expenses and take the heat out of your pocket.

  • Engine Protect

An earthquake can cause leakage of lubricants, hydrostatic lock, etc., potentially damaging the bike’s engine. The repair cost of these damages can be high depending on the engine type.

Therefore, the engine protect add-on can be helpful in an earthquake or any natural disaster like floods, landslides, etc. It can cover all the expenses of repairing or replacing your bike engine parts that are damaged in a natural disaster.

  • Depreciation Cover

Your bike’s market value depreciates due to normal wear and tear as it grows old. So, the insurer pays you the insured amount after adjusting the bike’s current market value after adjusting depreciation. As a result, your insurance reimbursement will be less, depending on your bike’s age.

However, depreciation cover ensures that the repair and replacement of parts in your bike are reimbursed without considering the depreciation factor.

Simply put, comprehensive bike insurance can provide financial protection against damages in an earthquake. So, if you’re living in an earthquake-prone zone, consider comprehensive two-wheeler insurance for your bike.

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